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Friday, July 9, 2010

Solar Eclipse in Cancer-Iran 2010-No Place for Women

As we approach the weekend solar eclipse in emotional Cancer the ruler of women, one of the most compelling stories relates to the news story out of Iran about a Mother of two sentenced to death for alleged adultery by stoning. It is hard to believe such barbaric practices still exist in the world, but stoning is a way of execution in Iran for men and women. Women may be stoned to death on the word of a man who accuses them of adultery or improper conduct. Judges may rely on their ‘instinct,’ without even having sufficient evidence of the crime of adultery in that country and condemn a woman to a cruel death. Women are buried up to their shoulders in the ground before being pelted in the face and head by rocks until they are dead. Violence against women for any infraction is wrong and should be stopped.

It appears Iran has backed down on the stoning due to international pressure, but remains unclear if she faces the death sentence by some other form of execution. To make your voice count and sign the petition to free Sakineh, visit this link. http://freesakineh.org/

In Iran’s natal chart the moon, representative of women, is at seven degrees of Aries. Pluto, the planet of transformation, power struggles and ruthlessness has begun squaring the moon in Iran’s chart, representing fundamental changes that will occur relating to women in Iran over a two-four year period. It will not be swift or easy for women in this country to experience change. By late August-September Saturn will be opposing the moon in Iran’s chart which indicates harsh conditions where women are concerned. In 2013-14 Uranus will conjunct Iran’s moon, bringing further changes through unexpected events and adversity relating to women. The solar eclipse in Cancer on Sunday, July 11 squares the moon in Iran’s chart by a wide orb placing a focus on women and internal events.

In another story a Federal Judge has ruled that a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, opening the door for gay marriage to once again be on the front burner. As Saturn enters Libra where it will remain for two years, marriage and gay marriage will become issues in America. By the time Saturn leaves Libra in 2012, relationships, marriage and partnerships will have undergone many fundamental changes. On a more personal level Saturn in Libra will test marriages on a collective basis and an individual basis as well. Many relationships that are not working out will break up all together, and those whose marriages /committed relationships survive will be stronger as a result.

The solar eclipse occurs on Sunday, July 11 at 3:41 PM EST. It is a supercharged new moon at 19 degrees of Cancer, the natural ruler of the fourth house of the home, homeland, family and will bring up matters relating to women and of an emotional nature, and of the past.

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