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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saturn-Uranus-Pluto Horoscopes

Saturn has entered Libra for a two year sojourn in that sign. It is now opposing Uranus at 180 degrees. Add to that mix a square- a 90 degree angle- from the planet Pluto, the “God of the Underworld,’ and we have what is known as a grand square or a T-square between three of the most powerful outer planets. Add Jupiter, and we have a grand square involving four planets. In other words, planetary occurrences like this don’t happen very often and are sure to bring changes in circumstances for the world and for us as individuals.

Saturn relates to structure, duty, discipline, organization and delays. When it aspects your personal planets in a positive way you can experience some of the greatest gains of a lifetime. When it aspects your personal planets in a square, conjunction or opposition the result is often disappointment, delays, responsibilities and endings of situations. It has entered Libra the natural ruler of the seventh house of marriage and partnerships of all kinds as well as the law and legal matters.

Uranus is the planet of sudden, unexpected disruptions and events that appear to come from nowhere. With Uranus you can expect the unexpected. Uranus rules electricity, revolutions and freedom. It doesn’t want limits or limitations. It is at the 0 degree of Aries, known as the ‘world degree,’ as this degree affects the world a large. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac representing the ‘I am’ principle, the ego, the self of the individual, and the desires of the self.

Pluto is known as the “God of the Underworld,’ as it often brings events that are out of the individuals personal control. It is the ultimate planet of change and transformation and when Pluto transits a planet in your chart events, people and situations are forever changed. It goes through a breakdown phase before changing a situation and building it back in a different way.

Jupiter is known as the ‘greater benefic,’ and the planet of gain and finance. It expands whatever it touches whether that be your waistline, your social life or your bank account. More is better where Jupiter is concerned and sometimes people over expand or overindulge when Jupiter enters the picture and everything looks rosy, only to have to pay the piper when it leaves. Jupiter, like Uranus is in Aries.

We will all face some stress at this time, but stressful aspects often lead to change and improved situations and understandings. The cardinal signs will be affected the most-Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra, and you will have the most tension if you were born in the early degrees of those signs.

Of course, each chart is individual based upon your date and time of birth, so I can’t tell you precisely which planets will be involved unless I am looking at your own personal chart, but in a general sense the four planet configuration will affect each sun sign as follows. You can read your ascendant as well, if you know what it is.

Aries-Uranus in your first house brings unexpected changes involving partnerships/relationships. These matters will be reaching a climax between now and mid-August. Unresolved tensions may surface that include power struggles and confrontations, and affect your home and work life as well. There is a greater chance of conflict July 30-August 5 than any other time. Those most affected will be born march 21-24 or have an Aries ascendant between 1-4 degrees.

Taurus-Saturn/Uranus will be affecting your 6th/12th houses of the subconscious mind, work and health. It is in these areas that issues will arise between now and mid-August, so they can be resolved. It is possible you will visit a Dr. or someone in the hospital. This complex configuration will bring out fears/insecurities if you are prone to that sort of thing. You may be considering issues around education, travel, legal and medical issues, and your general outlook on the world may change at this time. Any issues that remain unresolved in these areas will surface in the July 30-August 5 time frame.

Gemini-You will face stress/change in the areas of friends, lovers and children as well as your own hopes and wishes. Money issues and corporate and joint finances may be a focus at this time as well as stress at work. Remember problems were made to be solved and move forward in a better way. Look for the period of July 30-August 5, as well as August 8-12 for tension to surface involving friends, children or lovers and sex, as well as joint financial matters, credit card debt or taxes.

Cancer-Look for change-often expected- to occur at home and with work. You could decide to move or start home improvement projects. Tension will surface involving close partners/partnerships and relationships in the period of July 30-August 5, then again August 8-12. Your partnerships will improve or potentially end. You will be most affected by this configuration if you were born June 22-26 or have a Cancer ascendant in the 1-4 degree range. If you were born in those early degrees you may be dealing with stress and health issues.

Leo-Saturn-Uranus are aspecting your third-ninth houses involving communication, brothers and sisters, neighbors, travel, publishing, education and legal and medical matters as well as your general state of mind and outlook on the world. Pluto is bringing up issues relating to health and work and unexpected events may transpire at this time. You may be facing harsh communication-thinking in the July 30-August 5 time frame. Be calm, try not to boil over. This too shall pass.

Virgo-Money matters/joint finances, debt and tax issues are of concern to you during this period and changes may occur in these areas. You are starting a two year cycle of building for your future. Also of concern will be issues relating to friends, children and love affairs and you may find the most intense period to be July 30-August 4, then again August 8-12.

Libra- Issues surrounding marriage, relationships and partnerships will come into focus at this time, especially if you were born in the September 24-28 time frame. Expect the unexpected in these areas as well as tension changes in the home and with work. If you are in a negative relationship it could suddenly end. Relationships that survive will be stronger for it. The most intense periods will be July 30-August 4, then again August 8-12.

Scorpio-You will face tension and issues relating to work and health, as well as issues that are secret and hidden may come to the surface. You could visit a Dr. or hospital. If you have been putting off something that would improve your health such as diet or exercise, now is the time to begin. Communication issues will come to the forefront with brothers, sisters, immediate family members, neighbors and co-workers. Remember that all stress begins and ends in your own mind. The most intense period is July 30-August 4.

Sagittarius-Expected or unexpected Issues involving children, friends, lovers and your own hopes and wishes will come to the surface at this time. You may be experiencing a type of power struggle were money is concerned, or it may become more difficult. The most intense period will be July 30-August 4, and again August 8-12.

Capricorn-Saturn and Uranus are opposing each other in your fourth/tenth houses that involve the home and foundation, work and priorities. This is an especially tense period for you, if you were born December 22-26. Relationships of all types may begin and end with many unexpected twists and turns. The periods of July 30-August 4 is the most volatile. Hang in there, dear goat, as this too shall pass bringing a brighter tomorrow. If born in the above mentioned time frames you will surface from this period a new and stronger individual.

Aquarius-Saturn and Uranus are affecting the realm of your mind, immediate family members and neighborhoods, legal and medical concerns as well as education and trips or travel. Pluto in your twelfth house may bring secrets out into the open or you may visit a Dr. or hospital. Watch things July 30-August 4 and don’t get too stressed out. You have entered a lengthy time frame where karmic circumstances will present themselves and play out. Too much stress or inner fear may call for counseling.

Pisces-Money issues, joint finances, debt, secrets and sex are the areas where Saturn and Uranus are affecting you during this time. You could potentially hear of a death, but this would be rare. Psychic abilities may be unleashed as well as an interest in the mysteries of life. Friends may be of concern and issues may arise there, or with corporations. Try and keep a cool head July 30-August 4, as the tendency will be to react without thinking matters through.

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