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Friday, July 30, 2010

August 2010- The Summer of Our Discontent-Oil-Immigration-Threats, Raised Voices and Broken Governments

We end the month of July with the volatile God of War (Mars) opposing Uranus/conjunct Saturn, and this explosive and repressive energy continues to stir up havoc and create unexpected situations around the world and in our personal charts through the first few days of August. Mars/Saturn transits generally refer to some type of police or military situation and we are at risk of explosive incidents popping up without warning. It is a dangerous aspect and Mars is ‘setting off,’ the T-square in the sky between Uranus, the planet of unexpected twists and turns and rebellions, Saturn, the taskmaster and Pluto, the God of the Underworld, the planet of vengeance and the harbinger of ultimate transformation. Take stock of your situation and use caution and prudence wherever you are.

We are officially living in the time astrologers have been talking and speculating about for a long time, and will be seeing events leading to change in the world around us. It will not be a smooth ride. That said, this configuration will cause the greatest stress for those who have personal planets that are being aspected, or those born in the early degrees of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. If your chart is not being aspected life may well go along without major life altering upheaval, but there will be stress in some areas. Live your life, and increase your happiness and abundance wherever possible. We are living on a planet facing great changes, and some will thrive and prosper during this time, as in every historic period since the beginning of civilization. The energy of this time will continue to have its effect for years to come in terms of changes in laws and governments, the balance of power among nations, partnerships, oil, business and banking, and earth changes and disasters such as the Gulf Oil spill. American’s have been ‘asleep at the wheel,’ in terms of underestimating the damage that has been done to the oceans, the food chain, and the relationships between big oil and government and the economy. The Huffington Post Newspaper is reporting that scientists have confirmed the oil and dispersants used by BP have found their way into the food chain already. Meanwhile, one network news show is asking if BP critics have gone too far in their assessment of actual damage done. It is no wonder some are confused and complacent. Speaking of damaging the planet, what about the oil spill in China? Based on news reports the size of that spill exceeds or is equal to the Gulf Oil spill. The way we treat the earth will continue to come into focus.

Being asleep at the wheel however, plays right into the hands of entities-both corporate and government-who would have us not know what is really going on. Astrologically, this is symbolized by Neptune, the planet of illusion, confusion and delusion, conjunct the moon of America’s chart. It will cross the moon and move into Pisces in April of 2011, and at that time the powers to be will no longer be dealing with a sleeping public.

Jupiter, the planet of money, gain and benevolence is retrograde and square Pluto until August 9. This transit relates to changes/struggles within politics, governments, foreign people, laws, the financial world, and it is associated with power plays in promoting philosophic/religious beliefs. It creates attitudes of arrogance, impatience and neglecting the small but important details, and relates to the desire to reform others while neglecting matters of primary importance. Large enterprises can be undertaken without laying the correct groundwork for success. The government(s) will have issue with oil companies. Arizona will continue to have issues with their immigration law and the federal mandate recently handed down.

On August 9-22 Jupiter opposes Saturn-This is a transit of trouble/frustration within governments and retraction, as opposed to expansion, in the financial world and markets. Second quarter figures have been released and the economy slowed down to 2.4% growth, the weakest in a year. The Democrats and Republicans are hopelessly at odds over issues. The transit represents poor timing in business and professional affairs, financial crisis and an increase in bankruptcy and foreclosures, issues with laws and the law, a lack of balance between radical and conservative attitudes. There is confusion over ethical/moral/religious issues and issues relating to laws and obstacles are caused by overly conservative, uncompromising attitudes.

August 3rd and 4th –Mars/ Jupiter squares Pluto-This is a transit of upheaval, friction, and anger, and power struggles in political and military or police affairs. It may involve foreign people, religion, educational, medical, financial entities. Impulsive action is the norm, power struggles and the need for regeneration in situations in the world and individually. News of criminal activities, conflict over financial and corporate matters, and there may be news of sexual violence or jealousies.

Venus enters Libra, the sign of relationships and partnerships on August 6 and for the next 3 days until August 9, conjuncts Saturn and opposes Uranus. –This is a transit of swings and unexpected gains or losses in the financial markets. Venus rules money, love and values and well as women, attractiveness and beauty. Venus conjunct Saturn is will cement a situation or turn it cold and the two planets do not fit well together. Add Uranus to the mix and we have a period of instability in the financial world and issues concerning women. If you meet someone new, do not assume it will be lasting until the test of time proves it so. Venus-Uranus creates interesting but unstable relationships. Difficult and unstable relationships may end at this time.

August 9-Venus opposes Jupiter- This transit produces overextension, over optimism and creates feeling of inertia, and over indulgence. Feelings toward others will improve and become warmer.

August 10- New Moon is at 17 degrees of Leo, the natural ruler of the fifth house of children, entertainment and love affairs. Events and situations will occur on a grand scale and the theme of Leo is often drama. Venus is still within one degree of conjuncting Saturn and opposing Jupiter and Uranus, so while some fun may be in the air, relationship situations will not necessarily go smoothly. Bad situations may end altogether, even though it is a new moon, or relationships may move on to another level. Money matters are still in focus.

August 11-Venus squares Pluto-Negative financial news is possible as well as news about women, violence and sex. Produces feelings of intensity and potential jealousy in relationships.

August 15-Uranus retrogrades back into Pisces at 29 degrees for the next 7 months until March of 2011. The T-Square involving 4 planets is no longer exact, but the energy is still intense for a while and capable of producing upheaval. It will re-enter Aries on March 13, 2011 until March 9, 2019. The last time Uranus was in Aries was April 1927-March of 1935. Uranus cycles are 7 years.

August 17-22- Jupiter squares Pluto again at 2 degrees.

August 20-Mercury retrogrades at 19 degrees of Virgo. The Winged God flies backward for the next three weeks in the sign ruling work and health, causing delays, mis-communications, equipment breakdowns and problems and breakdowns of personal situations that are not working well. The most positive use of this energy is reflection on the past, and re-doing projects that need to be completed. It is not a time to move forward. Expect a focus on jobs and negative job news.

August 21-Sun opposes Neptune- Issues concerning oil and water. Can denote high creativity, inspiration, dreams, psychic events and service to others. Alternatively, it produces feelings of confusion, tiredness, and mis-communication, mis-understandings, and untruths, as well as lack of clarity. Believe half of what you hear and let the rest withstand the test of time.

August 21-23-Venus conjuncts Mars- This transit will create a focus on money, love, values and sexual attractions. Minor conflicts between the sexes may occur and these few days contain magical energies for meeting someone special, although it may only be just a sexual attraction.

August 24-Full Moon at 1 degree of Pisces- Pisces is the natural ruler of the twelfth house of things secret and hidden. It is ruled by Neptune the planet of spirituality, creativity and psychic awareness. It is conjunct Uranus in a parallel which denotes events that occur suddenly and unexpectedly, and wild mood swings can occur. News relating to women and weather/water/technology/aircraft. Otherwise, the highest use of the energy is spiritual, creative expansion and the service of others.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Saturn’s opposition to Uranus/Jupiter, and it’s square to Pluto that we are currently experiencing, is propelling us as individuals, as well as a collective toward change in our lives, and freedom from the things, people and situations we may find oppressive, or have outlived their usefulness.
This grand cosmic square, whose planetary influence we are all under encompasses four major planets in the signs of Libra, the natural ruler of the seventh house of relationships, Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by the “God of War” and indicative of the self-the ego-and the individual- who will make his or her voice heard, as well as Pluto in Capricorn, a force that will bring tensions and power struggles to the surface.

Jupiter in opposition to Saturn will cause us to become more conservative, and view situations through a realistic, if not pessimistic manner for the time. Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus is a combination of retraction and reflection upon past events/situations.

Uranus will insure that some of the situations we experience seem to happen suddenly and unexpectedly and without apparent warning. It is the planet of freedom and rebellion and its purpose is to end situations that are no longer really working.

Pluto will bring issues to the forefront and it creates situations that we often find beyond our control and out of our control. ‘The God of the Underworld,’ often brings power struggles and intense feelings and is sometimes called, ‘the planet of vengeance,’ creating some deeply intense emotional situations.
Saturn is the ’taskmaster,’ as well as the planet that brings us lasting stability and structure. It is the past, and it is currently in conflict with Uranus, the planet of the future and ‘freedom at all costs.’

So, if you are feeling confused, it is no wonder with all of these different energies coming together at one time. It is a once in a lifetime configuration, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to find a new way out of the old patterns that you wish to change. If this configuration is hitting a personal planet in your chart, change will occur one way or another, with or without you being on board. So, grab a ticket and take a seat of a train called changes. Positive change occurs the fastest for those who ‘go with the flow,’ so to speak. If one door closes, it is because there are three more in the distance opening for you to walk through.

Add to this mix, the planet Mars, the “God of War,” entering Libra on Friday, July 30 at 0-1 degrees. It will conjunct Saturn, oppose Uranus/Jupiter and square Pluto. The combination is harsh, and decisions will come to a head. This is a transit that will force many to reexamine their relationships and if the situation has been unsatisfactory an ending may occur at this time. This configuration will occur July 30-August 2.

On August 3-August 7 Mars opposes Jupiter/Squares Pluto. This transit is inductive of power struggles, issues coming to the surface, anger and confrontation. Everything will seem exaggerated with Jupiter in the mix. Situations can end or ultimately come to a greater understanding for moving forward.

On August 8-10 Venus enters Libra/conjuncting Saturn opposing Uranus-Saturn-Venus can cement situations or bring them to an end. Venus rules love and money, and it is in these areas change will occur. The combination is harsh, if not realistic where relationships are concerned.

On August 11 Venus squares Pluto-This transit is indication of upsets, jealousies, and brings issues to the forefront especially in relationships and partnerships. Previously unknown incidents may surface. Situations will not be experienced on a surface level this day.

Those most affected by these transits will have personal planets in their chart that are being aspected, or born in the early degrees of the cardinal signs. Aries-March 21-25, Cancer, June 22-26, Libra, September 24-28, and Capricorn December 22-26.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Full Moon in Aquarius-New World Order?

This month’s full moon is at 2 degrees of Aquarius on July 26 in the sign considered to represent collective humanity. The ruler of Aquarius is often overlooked. Uranus, the planet of unexpected events, and unusual/shocking twists and turns are the rule rather than the exception with this sign which is often present in revolutions, rebellions, wars and disasters. New governments are born out of wars, coups, and rebellions, and seldom throughout history has it been a stable process without great cost to many.

The co-ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, the taskmaster. It opposes the Sun in Leo creating the atmosphere for unexpected shifts, twists and turns of a dramatic nature.

Mercury is opposing Neptune July 26 and 27. We will hear more news of oil and weather related disasters. It could bring inspiration of you are creative or psychic, but otherwise believe half of what you hear and try and avoid making decisions until the planet of communications moves past the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. Dreams may become prominent and this combination can make many people tired and confused.

Saturn Enters Libra-Diplomats to control their own armies?

On the first day of Saturn’s entrance into Libra news reports state the US State department will be fielding their own army in Iraq. Libra is the natural ruler of the seventh house of relationships and partnerships/laws and governments, and Saturn opposes Uranus, and squares Pluto, creating a grand square among four major planets that will bring shifts in laws, governments and power structures in the world. To read the story click on the following link. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2010/07/21/97915/state-dept-planning-to-field-a.html
The state department is planning to experiment using civilian contractors rather than the US military when US troops are withdrawn by the end of 2011.

Pluto in Capricorn/Neptune in Aquarius=oil and water disasters

Another oil spill is being reported in China, off China’s NE Coast. The slick, located near the oil port of Dalian, in Liaoning province was caused by the explosion of two oil pipelines and is now said to cover an area of 170 miles. News of the explosion that occurred last Friday is just recently being reported in the mainstream news. To read that story click here. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/07/22/AR2010072203393.html?hpid=topnews
The oil spill in the Gulf is reported to be 50 miles long and 40 miles wide.

China faces a tough year. Like people, countries have birth charts and the birth date of The People ’s Republic of China is October 1, 1949, 3:01PM making the Sun of that country a 7 degree Libra. Saturn is now squaring Uranus, and within orb of conjuncting the Sun and will be exact by the end of September creating harsh situations, bad economic conditions and placing hardships upon the people. By October Saturn is conjunct Pluto/Neptune in China’s chart and if the oil situation is not under control by then conditions will exacerbate and become much worse.

With Mercury opposing Neptune during this full moon oil spills will be in the news and we are at great risk of weather related accidents and problems, as well as lies and confusion about what is really going on.

Nearly 2,000 people are being moved away from the Deep Water Horizon site as storm trackers watch the path of Tropical Strom Bonnie get closer to the Gulf.

To read more about the Cardinal T square and Saturn in Libra click here.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saturn-Uranus-Pluto Horoscopes

Saturn has entered Libra for a two year sojourn in that sign. It is now opposing Uranus at 180 degrees. Add to that mix a square- a 90 degree angle- from the planet Pluto, the “God of the Underworld,’ and we have what is known as a grand square or a T-square between three of the most powerful outer planets. Add Jupiter, and we have a grand square involving four planets. In other words, planetary occurrences like this don’t happen very often and are sure to bring changes in circumstances for the world and for us as individuals.

Saturn relates to structure, duty, discipline, organization and delays. When it aspects your personal planets in a positive way you can experience some of the greatest gains of a lifetime. When it aspects your personal planets in a square, conjunction or opposition the result is often disappointment, delays, responsibilities and endings of situations. It has entered Libra the natural ruler of the seventh house of marriage and partnerships of all kinds as well as the law and legal matters.

Uranus is the planet of sudden, unexpected disruptions and events that appear to come from nowhere. With Uranus you can expect the unexpected. Uranus rules electricity, revolutions and freedom. It doesn’t want limits or limitations. It is at the 0 degree of Aries, known as the ‘world degree,’ as this degree affects the world a large. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac representing the ‘I am’ principle, the ego, the self of the individual, and the desires of the self.

Pluto is known as the “God of the Underworld,’ as it often brings events that are out of the individuals personal control. It is the ultimate planet of change and transformation and when Pluto transits a planet in your chart events, people and situations are forever changed. It goes through a breakdown phase before changing a situation and building it back in a different way.

Jupiter is known as the ‘greater benefic,’ and the planet of gain and finance. It expands whatever it touches whether that be your waistline, your social life or your bank account. More is better where Jupiter is concerned and sometimes people over expand or overindulge when Jupiter enters the picture and everything looks rosy, only to have to pay the piper when it leaves. Jupiter, like Uranus is in Aries.

We will all face some stress at this time, but stressful aspects often lead to change and improved situations and understandings. The cardinal signs will be affected the most-Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra, and you will have the most tension if you were born in the early degrees of those signs.

Of course, each chart is individual based upon your date and time of birth, so I can’t tell you precisely which planets will be involved unless I am looking at your own personal chart, but in a general sense the four planet configuration will affect each sun sign as follows. You can read your ascendant as well, if you know what it is.

Aries-Uranus in your first house brings unexpected changes involving partnerships/relationships. These matters will be reaching a climax between now and mid-August. Unresolved tensions may surface that include power struggles and confrontations, and affect your home and work life as well. There is a greater chance of conflict July 30-August 5 than any other time. Those most affected will be born march 21-24 or have an Aries ascendant between 1-4 degrees.

Taurus-Saturn/Uranus will be affecting your 6th/12th houses of the subconscious mind, work and health. It is in these areas that issues will arise between now and mid-August, so they can be resolved. It is possible you will visit a Dr. or someone in the hospital. This complex configuration will bring out fears/insecurities if you are prone to that sort of thing. You may be considering issues around education, travel, legal and medical issues, and your general outlook on the world may change at this time. Any issues that remain unresolved in these areas will surface in the July 30-August 5 time frame.

Gemini-You will face stress/change in the areas of friends, lovers and children as well as your own hopes and wishes. Money issues and corporate and joint finances may be a focus at this time as well as stress at work. Remember problems were made to be solved and move forward in a better way. Look for the period of July 30-August 5, as well as August 8-12 for tension to surface involving friends, children or lovers and sex, as well as joint financial matters, credit card debt or taxes.

Cancer-Look for change-often expected- to occur at home and with work. You could decide to move or start home improvement projects. Tension will surface involving close partners/partnerships and relationships in the period of July 30-August 5, then again August 8-12. Your partnerships will improve or potentially end. You will be most affected by this configuration if you were born June 22-26 or have a Cancer ascendant in the 1-4 degree range. If you were born in those early degrees you may be dealing with stress and health issues.

Leo-Saturn-Uranus are aspecting your third-ninth houses involving communication, brothers and sisters, neighbors, travel, publishing, education and legal and medical matters as well as your general state of mind and outlook on the world. Pluto is bringing up issues relating to health and work and unexpected events may transpire at this time. You may be facing harsh communication-thinking in the July 30-August 5 time frame. Be calm, try not to boil over. This too shall pass.

Virgo-Money matters/joint finances, debt and tax issues are of concern to you during this period and changes may occur in these areas. You are starting a two year cycle of building for your future. Also of concern will be issues relating to friends, children and love affairs and you may find the most intense period to be July 30-August 4, then again August 8-12.

Libra- Issues surrounding marriage, relationships and partnerships will come into focus at this time, especially if you were born in the September 24-28 time frame. Expect the unexpected in these areas as well as tension changes in the home and with work. If you are in a negative relationship it could suddenly end. Relationships that survive will be stronger for it. The most intense periods will be July 30-August 4, then again August 8-12.

Scorpio-You will face tension and issues relating to work and health, as well as issues that are secret and hidden may come to the surface. You could visit a Dr. or hospital. If you have been putting off something that would improve your health such as diet or exercise, now is the time to begin. Communication issues will come to the forefront with brothers, sisters, immediate family members, neighbors and co-workers. Remember that all stress begins and ends in your own mind. The most intense period is July 30-August 4.

Sagittarius-Expected or unexpected Issues involving children, friends, lovers and your own hopes and wishes will come to the surface at this time. You may be experiencing a type of power struggle were money is concerned, or it may become more difficult. The most intense period will be July 30-August 4, and again August 8-12.

Capricorn-Saturn and Uranus are opposing each other in your fourth/tenth houses that involve the home and foundation, work and priorities. This is an especially tense period for you, if you were born December 22-26. Relationships of all types may begin and end with many unexpected twists and turns. The periods of July 30-August 4 is the most volatile. Hang in there, dear goat, as this too shall pass bringing a brighter tomorrow. If born in the above mentioned time frames you will surface from this period a new and stronger individual.

Aquarius-Saturn and Uranus are affecting the realm of your mind, immediate family members and neighborhoods, legal and medical concerns as well as education and trips or travel. Pluto in your twelfth house may bring secrets out into the open or you may visit a Dr. or hospital. Watch things July 30-August 4 and don’t get too stressed out. You have entered a lengthy time frame where karmic circumstances will present themselves and play out. Too much stress or inner fear may call for counseling.

Pisces-Money issues, joint finances, debt, secrets and sex are the areas where Saturn and Uranus are affecting you during this time. You could potentially hear of a death, but this would be rare. Psychic abilities may be unleashed as well as an interest in the mysteries of life. Friends may be of concern and issues may arise there, or with corporations. Try and keep a cool head July 30-August 4, as the tendency will be to react without thinking matters through.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The planet of delays, restriction and structure enters the sign ruling relationships and partnerships for a two year stay until October 7, 2012. Saturn is leaving Virgo, the sign ruling work, the earth, health and healthcare for 30 years. Those born under the Sun Sign Virgo can breathe easier as Saturn leaves their first house, easing up the restrictions and responsibilities as it transits into Libra. Now Virgo’s will be able to see the results of all their labor over the past two and a half years.

For the next two years Libra’s can expect more responsibility, and to work harder to achieve what they want, but the possibilities for great achievement are there. If you are 40 plus and Saturn is entering Libra for the second time in your life, it will be a period of starting over in some way, utilizing the knowledge and experience you gained during Saturn’s first transit across your Sun. If you are a Libra and this is the first time Saturn has crossed your Sun prepare to buckle down and work hard for what you want in life.

Saturn first entered Libra this cycle October 30, 2009 for a five month stay until April 7, 2010, at which time it retrograded back into Virgo. Now, it will remain in Libra until fall of 2012.

Saturn was last in Libra September of 1980-August of 1983, and 30 years earlier November 1950-August of 1953. In some respects history repeats itself and we can reflect upon the past to understand the present. Of course, nothing will ever be exactly the same, but if you are old enough to remember Saturn’s last transit through Libra you can forecast the areas of your life that Saturn will bring discipline, structure, and responsibility to.

Saturn entering Libra will change our focus individually and on the world stage. The ‘taskmaster’s’ two year sojourn through the sign of partnerships, relationships, marriage and the law will bring shifts in power among countries, and laws, as well as shifts in power and structure in relationships. Gay marriage was recently made legal in Argentina and it will become a focus again in America, and other nations. Marriage and laws will change; power in the world will shift.

If you are currently in a relationship Saturn in Libra will bring structure to that relationship or it will test it. Libra is the sign ruling marriages, and for some, marriages will occur, and for other’s stressful situations will end during this period. Those who will be tested the most will be born under the Sun Signs of Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn.

As Saturn enters Libra; it opposes Uranus, currently at 0 degrees of Aries, and will be squared by Pluto at 3-2 degrees of Capricorn. This is the fifth and final opposition over 18 months between the planet of delays, structure and obstacles opposing the planet of rebellion and unlimited freedom. Uranus at 0 degrees of Aries is considered the world point and events that occur at this time will affect the entire planet. Add Pluto to the mix and we are experiencing a grand square, sometimes called a cosmic cross or T-Square. Jupiter comes into play as well as it also squares Pluto, ‘The God of the Underworld.” In other words, four powerful planets are all in the mix creating stressful angles to each other. The end result will be change in the world and change in our lives. This is the most important configuration of the year and will be occurring through mid-August. The most stressful period will be the last few days of July going into the first 20 days of August. New York astrologer-Author Mitch Lewis writes, “The Saturn - Uranus opposition has much to do with power struggles, the reversal of power and the redistribution of wealth. The last time Saturn opposes Uranus was 1965 – 7. It resulted in a huge escalation in the Vietnam War; the entitlement programs; and the end of the Johnson presidency. The transit took so much out of him that he simply could not run again.

It took until 1982, almost 16 years, to make more than a marginal new high and begin a new bull market. And that period was a cupcake compared to what we are facing now. No matter what the next decade holds for us, we as individuals and as a collective must find ways to enjoy life and to redefine our needs.

Jupiter retrogrades on July 23rd, and then squares Pluto the next day. Historically, when Jupiter retrogrades it represents a top for the stock market about 80% of the time. With the square to Pluto following immediately after I must assume this will be a very bad week for the markets. The stocks represent our collective wealth as much as anything can. Pluto rules all things held jointly, especially financial matters. When Pluto squares Saturn, the stock markets go down. When Pluto squares Jupiter, they can go in either direction, but usually exacerbating the prevailing one. In other words, if the markets have been going up they will go up faster. If they have been going down… well, you get the point.

When Jupiter opposes Saturn as it will August 16th 2010, historically the markets also go down. There are very few bullish signals, although a good trader could cherry-pick and find some strong investments opportunities.

Any of the major issues we have been watching, including the Gulf, the financial markets, the governmental infighting, to name a few, could be blown out of proportion now with the combination of transits. Remember, Jupiter does not always bring you good things. Usually it brings you more – of anything. For example:

All of the major issues we have been discussing are precariously perched on the side of an historic precipice. Our financial markets, the Gulf catastrophe, the recent insane Supreme Court decisions on election finances, gun control, etc. are all leading up to an internal power struggle the likes of which this country has only seen a few times. As we approach the changes that will be necessary to truly enter the Aquarian Age, the collective works in unconscious ways to further that event, including breaking down any situations, businesses or governments that are preventing that transition. We will see the reversal of power in a number of situations throughout the world, as we did in 1965-7, the last time Saturn opposes Uranus. This will set off a number of nation’s charts as well as that of some national leaders. Mr. Obama has Venus at one and a half degrees Cancer. This won’t pass without affecting his life severely.

Pluto rules oil, as I have proven through the years in my lectures and predictions. With Pluto about to square Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars, I don’t think we are about to get any good news from the Gulf. The entire population of migrating birds in the Western Hemisphere, approximately one billion, stops in the Gulf of Mexico on their journey. ONE BILLION BIRDS. The government is paying farmers in the Gulf States to flood their fields north of the Gulf in the hopes that the birds will land there instead. One can pray, but do you think a species that has stopped in the same place for 25,000 years will suddenly make a detour because we put up a “Rest Area” sign somewhere else? Oh what schmucks these mortals be? “

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Portrait of a Humanitarian

He won’t be remembered by the world after a few days, but will be forever mourned by his friends and family. Nate Henn was the 25 year old American man murdered by terrorists linked to Al-Quaeda at the World Cup in Uganda over the weekend. The terrorist attack was another act of inhumanity that is being escalated as we experience the explosive transit of Pluto squaring Uranus, and Saturn approaching its entrance into Libra on July 22. The three planets will form a T-Square that is indicative of violence and sudden explosive events and situations.

According to Face book, Nate’s birthday is June 9, 1985. He was a humanitarian worker for the organization Invisible Children. To read about Nate click on their link. http://blog.invisiblechildren.com/2010/07/in-loving-memory-of-nate-oteka-henn/

Nate was an 18 degree Gemini, with Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline and duty in his sixth house of work, and service to others. He had a moon in compassionate Pisces and it created a harmonious trine to his tenth house of career and profession, making him the perfect candidate for the work he did. His Venus was in Taurus in his twelfth house giving him a love of solitude at times, and the twelfth house represents sacrificial service. His Jupiter was at 16 degrees of Aquarius, the sign representing the ‘world view,’ and it’s placement in his ninth house gave him a love of travel and foreign cultures. It sextiled Uranus, a transit that would demand freedom through travel. His Mars, the planet of action was at 0 degrees of Cancer, making him a nurturer, and giving him a love of children. It also sextiled his Venus and trined his moon, giving him nurturing qualities that came naturally and easily.

Nate’s natal Neptune was at 2 degrees of Capricorn in his eighth house being opposed by Mars. The eighth house rules the mysteries of life among other things, as well as death. Over the past two weeks the lunar and solar eclipses fell in his eighth house conjunct his Neptune and his second house opposing Neptune on Sunday. The upcoming T-Square created a heavy configuration in his chart all focusing on Neptune in his eighth house and Mars in his second house.

On Sunday, July 11, Pluto, the planet of transformation was within 1 degree of his natal Neptune in his eighth house. Uranus at 0 degrees of Aries squared his Neptune and also his Mars creating the potential for accidents and explosive incidents. Saturn was within days of squaring his Mars exact, and his Neptune as well. Mars was at 18 degrees of Virgo creating an exact square to his Gemini Sun. The combination of planets placed him in a dangerous situation, and his natal chart showed the potential for death in a confusing an explosive situation.

Friends have stated via news reports that Nate died doing what he loved most-helping children.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mars/Venus in Virgo=Sexual Sizzle

Venus, the planet of love, entered Virgo for the next 29 days, Saturday July 10. Mars, the planet of sex, male energy and action entered Virgo last month. When Mars and Venus are in the same sign, and it is your sign (Virgo) or your fifth house of love (Taurus) or even a sign that is compatible for you (Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio watch out. If you are a Pisces the two planets fall in your seventh house of committed relationships you may have a focus on relationships, but the outcome depends on which planets the two are aspecting in your chart. The combination of Mars and Venus together is dynamic and gives you a special boost for this period of time.

Mars and Venus are seldom in the same sign, so this makes the next two and a half weeks very special. Mars and Venus will dance together in this sign until Mars leaves Virgo on July 30 and it will be months, before the two are together again.

If you are looking for a new love, and you are one of the above Sun Signs or have an ascendant in those signs, you stand a great chance of meeting someone special. So, if you are a Virgo, Taurus or another earth or water sign, get off the couch, join the dating service and accept all invitations. If you’re looking there’s a better than average opportunity for love. If you are in a relationship this combination should give your relationship a new sparkle

Of course, Virgo is the most discriminating of signs, and some would call it picky or overly critical. It’s good to be picky, just don’t exclude someone because they are half an inch shorter or 10 pounds heavier than you would like. Good things can come in unusual packages. With Mercury, the planet of communication in Leo our minds will be focused on love!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Solar Eclipse in Cancer-Iran 2010-No Place for Women

As we approach the weekend solar eclipse in emotional Cancer the ruler of women, one of the most compelling stories relates to the news story out of Iran about a Mother of two sentenced to death for alleged adultery by stoning. It is hard to believe such barbaric practices still exist in the world, but stoning is a way of execution in Iran for men and women. Women may be stoned to death on the word of a man who accuses them of adultery or improper conduct. Judges may rely on their ‘instinct,’ without even having sufficient evidence of the crime of adultery in that country and condemn a woman to a cruel death. Women are buried up to their shoulders in the ground before being pelted in the face and head by rocks until they are dead. Violence against women for any infraction is wrong and should be stopped.

It appears Iran has backed down on the stoning due to international pressure, but remains unclear if she faces the death sentence by some other form of execution. To make your voice count and sign the petition to free Sakineh, visit this link. http://freesakineh.org/

In Iran’s natal chart the moon, representative of women, is at seven degrees of Aries. Pluto, the planet of transformation, power struggles and ruthlessness has begun squaring the moon in Iran’s chart, representing fundamental changes that will occur relating to women in Iran over a two-four year period. It will not be swift or easy for women in this country to experience change. By late August-September Saturn will be opposing the moon in Iran’s chart which indicates harsh conditions where women are concerned. In 2013-14 Uranus will conjunct Iran’s moon, bringing further changes through unexpected events and adversity relating to women. The solar eclipse in Cancer on Sunday, July 11 squares the moon in Iran’s chart by a wide orb placing a focus on women and internal events.

In another story a Federal Judge has ruled that a ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional, opening the door for gay marriage to once again be on the front burner. As Saturn enters Libra where it will remain for two years, marriage and gay marriage will become issues in America. By the time Saturn leaves Libra in 2012, relationships, marriage and partnerships will have undergone many fundamental changes. On a more personal level Saturn in Libra will test marriages on a collective basis and an individual basis as well. Many relationships that are not working out will break up all together, and those whose marriages /committed relationships survive will be stronger as a result.

The solar eclipse occurs on Sunday, July 11 at 3:41 PM EST. It is a supercharged new moon at 19 degrees of Cancer, the natural ruler of the fourth house of the home, homeland, family and will bring up matters relating to women and of an emotional nature, and of the past.