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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Portrait of a Humanitarian

He won’t be remembered by the world after a few days, but will be forever mourned by his friends and family. Nate Henn was the 25 year old American man murdered by terrorists linked to Al-Quaeda at the World Cup in Uganda over the weekend. The terrorist attack was another act of inhumanity that is being escalated as we experience the explosive transit of Pluto squaring Uranus, and Saturn approaching its entrance into Libra on July 22. The three planets will form a T-Square that is indicative of violence and sudden explosive events and situations.

According to Face book, Nate’s birthday is June 9, 1985. He was a humanitarian worker for the organization Invisible Children. To read about Nate click on their link. http://blog.invisiblechildren.com/2010/07/in-loving-memory-of-nate-oteka-henn/

Nate was an 18 degree Gemini, with Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline and duty in his sixth house of work, and service to others. He had a moon in compassionate Pisces and it created a harmonious trine to his tenth house of career and profession, making him the perfect candidate for the work he did. His Venus was in Taurus in his twelfth house giving him a love of solitude at times, and the twelfth house represents sacrificial service. His Jupiter was at 16 degrees of Aquarius, the sign representing the ‘world view,’ and it’s placement in his ninth house gave him a love of travel and foreign cultures. It sextiled Uranus, a transit that would demand freedom through travel. His Mars, the planet of action was at 0 degrees of Cancer, making him a nurturer, and giving him a love of children. It also sextiled his Venus and trined his moon, giving him nurturing qualities that came naturally and easily.

Nate’s natal Neptune was at 2 degrees of Capricorn in his eighth house being opposed by Mars. The eighth house rules the mysteries of life among other things, as well as death. Over the past two weeks the lunar and solar eclipses fell in his eighth house conjunct his Neptune and his second house opposing Neptune on Sunday. The upcoming T-Square created a heavy configuration in his chart all focusing on Neptune in his eighth house and Mars in his second house.

On Sunday, July 11, Pluto, the planet of transformation was within 1 degree of his natal Neptune in his eighth house. Uranus at 0 degrees of Aries squared his Neptune and also his Mars creating the potential for accidents and explosive incidents. Saturn was within days of squaring his Mars exact, and his Neptune as well. Mars was at 18 degrees of Virgo creating an exact square to his Gemini Sun. The combination of planets placed him in a dangerous situation, and his natal chart showed the potential for death in a confusing an explosive situation.

Friends have stated via news reports that Nate died doing what he loved most-helping children.

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