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Friday, February 25, 2011

Uranus: Last dance in Pisces-The Planet of Revolution and Change Enters the Sign of the Individual Ego

We are on the precipice of major planetary change as Uranus transits through the final degrees of Pisces. Uranus is the planet of sudden, unexpected change, upheaval and revolution. Uranus is a slow moving planet, taking seven years to transit each sign. It entered Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac on March 11, 2003, and it moves into Aries on March 13, 2011 where it will remain until March 7, 2019.

The sign Pisces often creates a ‘fog,’ between reality and the mystical world, which can become blurred to the extent it is hard to distinguish reality from non-reality. Uranus rules the internet, and nowhere has this blurred vision become more apparent than the explosion of Facebook and other social media, internet games, and even dating sites whereby individuals and players take on a persona different from his or her real life and often become consumed in a internet life of non-reality that over time becomes blurred with reality, or becomes the reality for the individual involved. This is truly a manifestation of Uranus in Pisces.

The 29th Degree

Some degrees are more significant than others and when Uranus reaches the 29th degree it is considered the Anaretic degree. Pisces is represented by the two fish and is considered the sign of devotion as well as self undoing. The 29th degree of Pisces concerns the mysteries of life as well as miracles that may not be recognized as such. Believes strongly in mind over matter and sees the mysteries of life manifested-Helen Adams Garrett. The 29th degree of Pisces represents endings, in preparation for new beginnings with Uranus entering Aries.

World Events and Changes

When Uranus enters Aries at 0 degrees on March 13, it is at the Aries Point or the ‘world point,’ the 0 degree mark that is the beginning of all things. Uranus moves from mystical Pisces and inner manifestation to outer manifestation in the world. It is considered the point at which world events can occur involving us all in collective change. Uranus in Aries moves quickly, and will advance science, technology and medicine at a rapid pace. By the time Uranus leaves Aries medicine will have changed considerably and we can only imagine the advances in technology.

Many world events occurred late May-mid August 2010 when Uranus was at the Aries point for the first time, and this was only a preview of this planet’s seven year stay when it enters the first house of the zodiac for the next seven years. We saw a meltdown in the economy of numerous European countries and the BP oil spill was an event that garnered international attention. We saw travel problems with a huge volcanic ash cloud over Europe, China had an oil spill and numerous other events occurred, as we saw news of developments in medicine.

We will be at greater risk of explosive situations and catastrophic conditions around the world as the planet of revolution conjuncts the Aries point. Aries is the ruler of the first house of self, and individual egos and ideas will make themselves known in the world. Individuals and entities will become more aggressive, war like and inclined to manifest their desires outwardly. We are already seeing this energy play out in the number of protests and civil war in Libya and the Middle East.

The last time Uranus was in Aries was 1927-1935. Among the greatest inventions of that time was television. The US Stock Market crashed in October 1929. (The stock market could not crash like it did in 1929 because of the institution of trading collars ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trading_collar ) that would shut the market down. In 1929 the stock market lost 23% of its value over 2 days. It could only lose this type of value over days/weeks/months of sustained loss. 1933 saw Hitler's party come into power. The world changed, and during the next seven years and it will change again.

Personal Changes

As Uranus enters the first sign, changes will occur in the world and changes will occur on a very personal level for us individually. When Uranus changes signs this is a very big deal where planets are concerned. As Uranus enters Aries you will feel driven to move forward and accomplish things you may have been dreaming of for years. Aries does not wait around, but rather moves forward at the fastest pace of any sign. As Aries transits through your chart you may experience many changes in your personal life depending upon which personal planets Aries is affecting. Those most affected by Uranus’ entrance into Aries will be individuals born in the early degrees of the Cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. You will experience change and possibly disruption, or a change of direction if you were born March 21-28, June 22-29, September 24-30, or December 23-29. If you were born on any of these dates looks for changes of direction on a personal level, and with partners, (Aries/Libra) and in the home and career areas if you are Cancer/Capricorn.

Uranus/Saturn/Pluto- The Status Quo versus the Individual-A Return of the Cardinal Square

During Spring/Summer of 2010 we experienced the Cardinal Grand Square that brought turmoil and chaos to the world and brought to light numerous situations that call for change. As Uranus advances in the sign Aries it will create another Cardinal square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. This ‘grand square,’ of these three major planets will generate tension that will reach a point where change has no option but to occur, and situations cannot continue as usual.

In 2010 the square became almost exact between these three planets June- August. Planets do not have to be exact to cause events and in 2011 the Cardinal Square will reach a peak in June with Saturn retrograde at 10 degrees of Libra, Pluto at 6 degrees of Capricorn and Uranus at 4 degrees of Aries. These planets are well within orb of each other and will create turmoil, chaos and anger that will lead to change in the world and change and regeneration in our personal lives.

As Saturn (the taskmaster and status quo) goes direct and moves forward in July, Uranus in Aries will continue to square Pluto throughout the year. Thus, the ‘will of the individual,’ will continue to be pitted against the ‘status quo,’ throughout 2011.

It will be a year of violent and unexpected explosions and explosive situations, both at home and abroad. Pluto also rules oil, and with the turmoil in the Middle East it is more than possible we will see problems with the flow of oil through the Middle East, and escalations in price, throughout 2011.

This explosive energy is obvious in the Middle East. The charts of many countries including Libya, Israel, Jordan, Iran and Iraq to name just a few are absolutely on the brink of change/civil war and will not go through this period and remain the same. Uranus will actually continue to square Pluto within it’s orb of influence until 2017. Eighty years ago Uranus entered Aries and changed the world. It will do so again.

What are the Changes About?

Saturn in Libra relates to law, governments and relationships of all kinds, both personal and personal, as well as relationships with the government. Marriage will come under scrutiny and we will hear more about same-sex marriage. Uranus in Aries relates to the ego of the individual and the collective will being expressed in the outer world. Aries is ruled by Mars the ‘God of War,’ and planet of action. Pluto in Capricorn relates to business and the ‘powers that be.’ This includes governments, banks, business, and underworld types of groups. It is in these areas we will see changes occur on the world stage. There will be questions about the US tax base and we are at risk of food shortages.

Governments and business as usual will be disrupted and the individual will make his/her voice known. All people have a desire to live in peace and with a certain amount of personal security. When change occurs it will be a result of the needs of the individual not being met by governments and entities. It will be in the abovementioned areas that clashes occur, ultimately resulting in change. The world is going to be an angry place to live for a while.

There are also ego driven and misguided individuals who will make their voices heard. These individuals do not have to be spiritually motivated but egotistical, or driven by reasons of personal ideology. As Neptune enters Pisces, another wild card comes into the mix, relating to religion, spirituality and idealism as well as fanaticism. It will be thin line humanity must walk in 2011.

Neptune Enters the Sign of Spirituality and Confusion

Neptune is the most misunderstood of signs, and the planet ruling religion and spirituality. It enters the twelfth sign of the zodiac on April 5 changing the mix even further. The twelfth house relates to the unseen world, the unconscious mind, the supernatural, and things and realms that are secret and hidden. It is the house of endings and clearing the deck before new beginnings. Neptune will be in Pisces until 2026.

While on one hand, the world in some ways and places may become more aware of the need for spirituality and a connection with the infinite, Pisces also rules fanatics, and extremists. Pisces rules drugs, the ocean, illusion, delusion, confusion, lies and deceit, drug dealers, ministers, the seamy side of life, painting, beauty, and the cinema and drunks. It is the most multidimensional of planets and therein lies the difficulty in understanding it. But where you have Neptune, you generally have confusion. Neptune can soar to the highest of highs and sink to the lowest of lows. And it rules water.

Natural and Man Made Catastrophes

The upcoming Grand Square and subsequent Uranus-Pluto square can relate to both natural and manmade disasters. Pisces rules water and Pluto rules oil, and Uranus in Aries brings sudden, unexpected situations and events. Pluto in Capricorn also relates to the earth, and we are in a period where the dictates of the planet must be taken into consideration. During the grand square of 2010 we saw volcanic eruptions, an ash cloud, earthquakes, flooding, and the contamination of the Gulf by British Petroleum. More such incidents will occur, and Neptune in Pisces speaks of water: flooding, melting ice caps, contamination, shortages-all of these are possible.

The Big Picture

We can only imagine the technological advances that will occur over the next seven years. How would one describe television to someone who had never heard of the concept at the turn of the 20th century? How many lives will be saved as medical science unlocks the secrets to regenerating the body, perhaps even preventing aging. Stem cell research holds the key to more than we can imagine. We are on the brink of breathtaking cures, answers and solutions.

And yet the world is in turmoil. The age of revolt and revolution is upon us. Not only in the Middle East, but in the US and the Western world. The old guard is on it’s way out everywhere. Situations and answers that served as patchwork that have not met the needs of real human beings will no longer suffice. Governments that only serve only a few will topple, whether they be Western or Eastern. It will not be an easy path, it never is. Nor will it be a crystal clear path. Confusion will abound.

This is the time of the individual. Not to become absorbed in the self to the exclusion of all else, but rather to search our common humanity for what we can attain and what we share in common with others.

It is a time for humanity to bond with the earth and search for issues that will preserve our planet for the future and respect the boundaries of what Planet Earth will tolerate before it becomes toxic. Our world depends upon it. Welcome to the revolution. It will be televised.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Full Moon for Wallflowers

February’s Full Moon occurs Friday, February 18, at 3:36 AM, EST, at 29 degrees of Leo- Leo is the natural ruler of the fifth house of love affairs, as well as friendships and children. There is nothing mundane about Leo as it is the most dramatic of signs, and represents the showman.

We will all feel a bit like taking the spotlight, which holds a dual potential. Everyone can enjoy the being the center of attention, but the other side of the coin is that situations can become overblown and overly dramatic, and reach a boiling point with no one really understanding what is going on.

The 29th degree of Leo is called the Anaretic degree. Author Helen Adams Garrett writes, The 29th degree is in the Aries decan, prompting great egotism and self-sufficiency which may repel cooperation of other people. This is the dwad of Cancer supplying great sensitivity and some insecurities.”

The full moon opposes Neptune creating a lack of clarity. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, lack of clarity and lies and deception. Believe only half of what you see, let alone what you hear. Thinking and communication may not be clear. This is an excellent time for any spiritual activity, creativity, or interest in metaphysics, and this path or creativity is the highest use of the energy. This is not the time to make long range decisions that have consequences.

This will be an intense full moon, full of drama that may carry over for the next few days, especially if a personal planet in your chart is being affected by 25-29 degrees of Leo. Those most affected will be Leo and Aquarius born during the latter part of the sign as well as those born during the late period of Scorpio or Taurus. There may be a tendency to over drink or overindulge, especially among those who have that tendency.

The energy of this full moon is extra intense because three planets will form a conjunction immediately afterwards-Neptune, Mars and Mercury. These three planets will all be contributing their energy that will manifest situations in our lives. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, and confusion. Mars is the “God of War,” and the planet of action and Mercury is the planet of communication. In Aquarius they are all ruled by Uranus which creates sudden and unpredictable situations, and events

On Sunday, February 20, Mercury, the planet of communication conjuncts Neptune and Mars at 28 degrees of Aquarius, and this follows on the heels of a very intense full moon, creating a major impact. With Neptune, the potential exists to soar to the highest of highs, or alternatively the lowest of lows. It is time to dream, set your imagination free, but be careful voicing your thoughts. While this transit may hold the potential to soar in terms of spiritual, empathic and creative thoughts, it also holds the potential for aggressive, speech that is not based upon fact, but rather fantasy and false information. Watch out for conditions that may make driving and travel dangerous, and remember your thinking may not be clear, nor your communication with or from others. This transit always holds the potential for deception and lies.

Also on Sunday, February 20, Mercury crosses the Mars/Neptune conjunction and enters the sign Pisces. Thus, the first of the three planets in this major conjunction of Neptune-Mars-Mercury will cross over, giving a little more clarity of thought and action. Mercury will be the second planet this month to enter Pisces, creating a further shift in energy, and a positive planetary placement for water and earth signs. Pisces represents the twelfth house, and is associated with Neptune, the planet of dreams and spirituality.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 20, changing up the energy from the past 30 days with the Sun in Pisces. Pisces is the natural ruler of the twelfth house of the zodiac associated with endings and the subconscious mind. It’s ruler is Neptune, the planet of dreams, spirituality, and assorted other topics. The energy will be calmer and less intense in this water Sign.

Monday, February 22, Mars and Neptune remain together in a conjunction Mars-Neptune can work for all creative types who may reach a peak in their particular art form, and the highest use of the energy is in serving others, and the world. Prayer, meditation, and other consciousness raising activities are favored, as Neptune is planet without an ego. The two do not generally work well together as Mars is ego driven and oriented toward action, while Neptune is selfless and about sacrifice, therein lies the inherent problem. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (and Saturn) and some will feel a desire to set themselves free of oppressive situations that have held back growth. For many it will be a tiring transit, prone to low energy or depression. It is not a time for confrontation or making major decisions. Aquarius is the natural ruler of the eleventh house of friends, hopes and wishes and at this time you could feel incredibly discouraged and that it is back to the drawing board. In all probability it is not, but rather a time of inward reflection as to your place in the larger picture of the universe. Daydreaming, wasting time and energy is a common manifestation and intense dreams are a possibility.

In the World and News

Weather conditions that involve water will dominate parts of the country and the world, making travel in some places difficult. We may hear news of accidents. Aquarius is the sign of revolution and the revolutionary, and there may be further attempts for those in some countries in the Middle east to hope for revolution, but this is a confused transit and subject to discouragement, lies and deception. Propaganda will abound and lies will dominate the truth. There is a lack of clarity and direction during this time. Those who talk the talk may not walk the walk, and idealistic or fanatical viewpoints will be espoused. There could be news that involve chemicals, germs or gasses. There may also be news relating to gay individuals, or gay rights and situations that involve sex.