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Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Not Just the Money-Planet earth Speaks Too!

The New Moon/solar eclipse falls at 13 degrees of Capricorn on January 4 at 4:03 AM, EST. Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house of business and priorities. The eclipse squares Saturn, the taskmaster, bringing a dose of reality, responsibility and obligations to light. Venus squares Neptune at 26 degrees of Scorpio-Aquarius, and this transit is indicative of fraud, mistruths and lies relating to money and sex. It points toward issues between the sexes and news relating to same sex couplings as well.

Capricorn rules the earth as well as business, and issues will come to light that relate to the earth itself. We must listen to the planet speak, as it is the sustenance of all life in our world. 2010’s catastrophic earthquake in Haiti preceded the January 15 eclipse in Capricorn by 3 days. With the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 27 degrees of Pisces, expect more precipitation than normal and possibilities in some areas of flooding and issues surrounding water/precipitation.

The eclipse is prominent in the US natal chart. It falls in the second house of income/earned income, opposing the Sun, as well as the two money planets Venus and Jupiter. While it is 14 degrees off the US Pluto in Capricorn, it will conjunct the planet of transformation in the morning hours creating intensity and a collective desire for financial transformation in the world. Major events concerning money may be revealed at this time or in the very near future.

The length of the eclipse is 4 hrs and 20 minutes, thus according to eclipse expert Celeste Teal, this eclipse will exert influence and impact us for a total of 4.20 years.

Teal calls this eclipse, The Balance of Power, and writes, “Focus on business and national affairs, Eclipse in a critical degree: denoting potential for a central event having wide range impact. Eclipse in degree of fixed star Manubrium: flaring heat. A turbulent spirit against those in high places. For the USA, the eclipse falls over the Sun: US administration and government critically linked to larger world affairs. There is potentially powerful opposition to overcome For US, eclipse in house of earning power and expenditures; obstacles, legislative delays. Trade and labor restricted. Meditation, yoga and or self indulgences to cope with discontent. Eclipse of emphasis for Japan, Russia, the UN, Cuba, NYC, Phoenix and the NYSE.”

Neptune moves to 27 degrees on January 10, conjuncting the moon in the US Natal chart. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, confusion and lack of clarity. Americans are at risk of being lied to, and as a collective are asleep at the wheel in terms of understanding the big financial picture. As Neptune moves through the final degrees of the sign of Universal understanding problems will become more obvious. This transit also represents a weak housing market and a population that is growing weary of what is now the worst recession in 80 years.

January 8, the planet of love (Venus) enters Sagittarius lifting spirits and creating a more freewheeling and exuberant kind of energy for those in love or looking for love. Naturally, this works best for the fire signs. January 10, Mercury sextiles Sagittarius bringing sensitivity and creativity to the fore. Situations may be exaggerated. January 11, Mercury squares Uranus, creating accident prone energy. This is the time to think before you speak and expect sudden unexpected news. January 12, Mars sextiles Uranus, creating a somewhat exciting energy and possibility of exciting, new business ideas and opportunities. The planet of communication enters Capricorn January 13 for the second time in 2 months, creating a focus on serious matters and business over the next 29 days. January 14, Mars sextiles Jupiter, creating some positive energy and providing a planetary opportunity for some business and monetary success. January 17 the Sun sextiles Uranus, a positive, exciting transit with eclectic possibilities. January 18, Mercury conjuncts Pluto. This is the third and final Mercury-Pluto conjunction, creating an obsessive energy, argumentative in nature and aimed at getting to the bottom of situations. Previously on December 5-6 and 14 this transit dealt with revelations from Wikileaks. The transit is compulsive, prone to accidents and arguments and will involve the media and revelations.

January 19, we have a full moon at 29 degrees of Cancer. The 29th degree holds special importance and relates to endings and finishing up matters. Cancer is the most emotional of all signs and rules the home and fourth house relating to the foundation and family. This full moon trines Jupiter, a positive indication whereby we can show generosity and warmth toward those we love.

January 20, energy will shift as the Sun leaves the sign of business and enters Aquarius. Wherever the Sun travels it spreads it’s light-in this case Aquarius- the natural ruler of the 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes and organizations and friends.

January 22, Jupiter enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Jupiter is the financial planet and the planet of luck, abundance and expansion. Whatever Jupiter touches, it increases. Aries is a fire sign and we experienced Jupiter in this sign June 6-September 8, 2010 when it first entered the sign of the Ram. Aries is exuberant, moves quickly and is the natural ruler of the first house of self. In some respects this will give us a jump start and it will represent a vast difference from the laid back energy of Pisces. Science and technology will make advances. This will be a once every 12 year advantage for Aries, and other fire signs. Jupiter was last in Aries February 14, 1999-June 28, and again October 24, 1999-Febuary 15, 2000.

January 23, Venus sextiles Saturn. This is a positive transit for business, and connecting with things and persons from the past. It is a positive financial transit on the conservative side.

January 26, Saturn retrogrades at 17 degrees of Libra. Saturn retrogrades every year for approximately 4 months, and at this time the sign it is in is emphasized. Libra pertains to relationships, relationship issues, government, courts and laws, and these issues will come to the forefront. Bad marriages and relationships may end altogether. People are often more disciplined in their undertakings, and much depends upon what transits Saturn is making in your natal chart. On the same day, January 26, Mercury squares Saturn. This transit is accident prone and depressive and we may hear negative news about business or the economy. It is a tiring transit but can indicate increased focus.

Happy New Year 2011!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Julian Assange, The Man-Hero, Martyr, or Villain? Protecting the First Amendment

Julian Assange may be one of the most talked about men in the world today. He is the founder of Wikileaks, the whistle blower website, that has recently released thousands of sensitive, but not secret documents, giving the world an inside look at leaders around the world and their communications to colleagues and heads of governments. Assange has claimed many prestigious awards in the past. Interpol has recently added him to its most wanted list, citing sex crimes in the warrant. This charge came after the release of thousands of documents releasing information previously unknown to the public concerning the War in Afghanistan. The US Government is now considering charges against Assange, as well.

Australian Julian Assange was born on July 3, 1971, at 2:05PM (Birth time Source: the Mountain Astrologer) His birth date was previously unpublished, but I knew he was undoubtedly a Cancer. The reason I knew this is because with the controversy he has generated, including that of the US and other governments I knew the Pluto had to be involved in a big way. Pluto is known as the 'God of the Underworld,' 'The Lord of Hell,' and with Interpol and the US Government looking for you, this planet would have to be active. Pluto is opposing Assange's Cancer Sun and this represents some very powerful forces and opposition to what he is doing. Additional, some of the major paymaster’s (PayPal and credit card services) have cut ties to his site.

Assange is a 10 degree Cancer with a 17 degree Scorpio ascendant and a Scorpio moon. The Cancer Sun reveals a gentle and sensitive personality, but the Scorpio moon (12th house) represents someone who can live in secrecy/seclusion and keep secrets. This also means women can play a role of ‘secret enemies,’ contributing to his problems/and or downfall. Assange has been charged with sex crimes, although according to published reports the evidence of actual sex crimes occurring is dubious. (http://www.truth-out.org/something-rotten-the-strange-case-interpols-red-alert-assange-and-us-attack-wikileaks65883)

With Mercury at 24 degrees of Cancer, he views journalism with emotion and feels deeply about the subjects he becomes involved in. He also has the ability to connect with the masses, and sway public viewpoints.

Assange’s Mars is at 21 degrees of Aquarius in his fourth house, squaring his Jupiter in Scorpio. This is another trait of a zealous individual, who can be totally committed to an ideal or philosophy. There is no doubt Assange believes in his work and feels called to do it.

Transiting Neptune (the planet of illusion, delusion, and confusion, lies and deception) has conjuncted his Mars over the past several years, setting of a Neptunian square in his chart between Jupiter in his first house (governments and money), and Mars in his fourth (his actions/sex). When Neptune enters Pisces in April it will set off another Neptunian grand square between his Neptune in Sagittarius in his first house to Saturn in Gemini in his seventh house of partners and ‘open enemies.’ These two Neptune squares will figure prominently in his chart well into 2012, and he will be surrounded by lies, mistruths and those who wish to destroy him for many months to come.

Uranus figures prominently in Assange’s chart, squaring his Sun. Uranus square Sun individuals prefer to answer to no one and are the reformers of society. It is not uncommon for them to break with tradition. These people like excitement, and don’t like being pushed into things they don’t want to do. A Sun square Uranus individual usually appears to be open minded, but at times can be temperamental. Other well known individuals with Sun-Uranus include Walt Disney, Angelica Houston, Sigmund Freud, Donald Trump, Roy Orbison, and Meredith Baxter.

Saturn opposing Neptune is another configuration that stands out in his chart. Those born with this transit can swing between the two poles of idealism and materialism, and can be susceptible to the promises made by others, especially partners-personal or professional in the case of Assange. This transit is often found in the charts of those who fervently believe in an ideal. Alternatively, it can be someone who is continually skeptical- not a bad trait for a man in his line of work. Individuals with this configuration can also become prone to depression, and with Saturn falling in his seventh house of marriage the individual would not fare well in long term relationships. Assange is divorced.

At this time Uranus is squaring his Venus in his eighth house of sex and money/corporate money and finances. Uranus brings to the fore sudden, unexpected events involving relationships, sex, and unexpected money issues. The planet of the unexpected is also opposing his Pluto at 27 degrees of Virgo, bringing problems to his work. Pluto is at 5 degrees opposing his Sun in the ninth house of legal matters and will continue to do so for years to come.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Planet of Communication, Speech and the Mind changes Course

The past week we completed the second of three passes of Mercury-Pluto, a transit that creates relentless energy, and obsessive feelings of having to ‘get to the bottom of the matter, as well as general bad moods. The second pass occurred December 14-16 and was joined by Mars, making those few days significant for many people in terms of communication and events taking place, situations being revealed, and information uncovered, not always on easy terms. The first pass of Mercury-Pluto was on December 5. The final pass of Mercury-Pluto (at 4 degrees of Capricorn) will occur on January 16, 2010. If you were affected by this transit on the above dates, make a note of the events that occurred as this transit will make one more pass before completing its journey through your chart.

Mercurial energy will change Sunday, December 19 when Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius. Where Mercury-Capricorn was sterner, more goal and obligation oriented, Mercury-Sagittarius will be more upbeat, optimistic and fun loving. Things can get blown out of proportion, and don’t over expand. Mercury remains in Sagittarius until January 13 when it travels through Capricorn again for 30 days. It officially goes direct on December 30.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 2010- Intellectual Enlightenment and Empowerment

While December’s eclipse this year will be fraught with unexpected events and developments, if we look for the hidden message of this year’s final eclipse in Gemini, it is intellectual enlightenment and empowerment.

The 29th degree in predictive astrology relates to final endings with situations, scenarios, and sometimes even people. This is important because in our desire to move forward we must have endings before new beginnings occur. It is the epiphany we share collectively and individually as we bid circumstances, situations and those who no longer serve our highest good so long, and we look, in that final moment for the enlightenment to see our future. See the truth for whatever it is and let it set you free. In understanding we find peace. In knowledge we find power. And through enlightenment we attain empowerment for ourselves and society.

Eclipses point the way to our future and the eclipse will be played out in the world and on the world stage and in our individual lives in ways that are unique to each person. By knowing where the eclipse falls in our birth charts we can determine how it will affect us individually.

The energy of an eclipse can be a force that lasts for months even years. Several major transits will precede and influence the affects of the actual eclipse.

On Saturday, December 18, the Sun squares Uranus at 25 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces. Sun square Uranus is explosive energy, and creates events that fall under the ‘unexpected’ category. It is volatile and represents explosions, sudden violent incidents, airplanes, earthquakes, circumstances related to weather, and we should ‘expect the unexpected,’ with this transit. There will be a lot of angry and explosive energy in the world that can trickle down into your personal life.

On December 19-20, the Sun conjuncts Mercury (retrograde). Look for travel related incidents, accidents, and the Sun will increase the potential for Mercury, the planet of communication, making this transit ripe for argument, debate and mental irritation.

On December 20-22 Mercury squares Uranus. Look for unexpected news in your personal life and on the news channels. Extreme caution is needed while traveling or driving a car. This is another transit relating to debates, arguments and fights. With Mercury in retrograde we may hear previously unknown facts and communications. Unexpected weather conditions can dominate matters, and it is an explosive, unpredictable time. Uranus rules rebellions, explosions, airplanes and electricity, as well as the internet and all electronic communication. Think before you speak with this one.

The actual lunar eclipse occurs at 29 degrees of Gemini on December 21, at 3;13 AM. Events may be delayed as Mercury is retrograde, and hidden agendas can surface. This is the time to finish up old matters, not begin new projects or situations. Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house of communication, and represents communication, travel, immediate family members, neighbors and co-workers. It opposes the ninth house of education, travel, legal and medical situations and publishing, and to some extent it will be these areas upon which we will be focused as a collective.

At 29 degrees of Gemini, the eclipse opposes the Sun, and squares Uranus and Jupiter, as will Mercury. Jupiter conjuncts Uranus on December 22, and whatever Jupiter touches, it expands. Be careful of over expansion and situations that can become blown out of proportion. Jupiter also rules governments, and Uranus rules electronic media. When this transit (Jupiter-Uranus) occurred in May we saw massive flooding in the South, and Nashville, TN. With the eclipse and Mercury squaring the planet of the unexpected, this is what we should expect.-the unexpected. Uranus rules explosions, and explosive, unstable situations, and this will be the case in terms of the world and in our personal lives. We may experience problems with communication, electronic equipment and the weather. Air flights are at risk, and there will be unexpected news, sudden abrupt changes and changes of mind and heart. If your relationship is tottering on the edge, expect the possibility of sudden news and/or endings. The eclipse may bring volatility in financial markets and news of such.

In the US Chart the eclipse falls in the seventh house, representing partners/partnerships, (at home and abroad) courts and open enemies. It squares Neptune and is within 8 degrees of conjuncting Mars. This will create angry, frustrated and confused energy at home with the potential for unexpected events occurring abroad. Secret agendas may surface at this time.

In US President Obama’s chart the eclipse falls in his fifth house of children and love affairs and there may be a focus on friends and family. He may still suffer setbacks in work and unexpected news.

In Ireland’s chart the eclipse conjuncts Uranus in the tenth house of priorities, business and reputation. Mars square Jupiter relates to money at home and debate and argument over financial matters and expenditures. An eclipse conjunct Uranus is disruptive, explosive and restless in nature. Uranus is the planet of rebellions, total and unexpected change, explosions, accidents and disasters, unexpected and unplanned for events. Saturn will square Mars over the next two months creating a volatile, angry and stressed populace, with a possibility of erupting violence and disruption in the country.

In North Korea’s chart At 29 degrees of Gemini the eclipse is within one degree of North Korea’s Uranus at 0 degrees of Cancer. Uranus rules explosions and explosive situations in the country that are unexpected and unpredictable. With Mars square Neptune situations will be unclear. Mars/Neptune relates to fanaticism of all types, gasses, and chemicals, weapons of mass destruction, bombs, death, lies and deception and lack of clarity.

In Afghanistan’s chart, the eclipse falls in the eighth house ruling death, taxes, other people’s money, hidden agendas and secrets, and opposes the moon representing the people and the emotional life of those living in the country. Mars conjuncts Jupiter on December 19th and Author-astrologer Celeste Teal writes, “Mars is action oriented- a real fighter, therefore this planet will initiate the most dynamic events related to an eclipse. Mars travels pretty rapidly, making a complete circle through the zodiac every two years, so it will frequently get to an eclipse degree very quickly to present a conflict and get things started. Mars may represent a bully or antagonist and its transit to an eclipse may bring one forth.”

In Julian Assange’s chart the eclipse falls in his 8th house of death, change and transformation, sex, other peoples’ money and secrets. It is conjunct Venus and squares Pluto bringing up issues relating to control/power and sex/money with information coming to light, and issues being exposed. Mars opposes is Sun signifying opposition from others and potential for personal danger. It is a pivotal few days that will affect the outcome of his future, and that of Wikileaks.

If you are in Aries/Aries ascendant, the eclipse falls in your third/ninth houses representing immediate family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, communication, legal and medical issues or issues relating to education, publishing, and travel.

If you are a Taurus/Taurus ascendant, the eclipse falls in your second/eighth houses of money and joint finances, partner’s money, corporate funds and taxes as well as sex and self image.

If you are a Gemini/Gemini ascendant, the eclipse falls in your first/seventh houses of self and partners/partnerships/courts and open enemies.

If you are a Cancer/Cancer ascendant, the eclipse falls in your twelfth/sixth houses of things secret and hidden, Dr.’s, hospitals and seclusion, or even jail.—a long shot! It opposes the house of work, health and diet, and these areas will receive focus as well.

If you are a Leo/Leo ascendant, the eclipse falls in your 11th/5th houses of corporations, friends, hopes and wishes. Love affairs, friends and children may figure into things as well.

If you are a Virgo/Virgo ascendant, the eclipse falls in your tenth/fourth house ruling priorities, business and reputation, the personal foundation and the home.

If you are a Libra/Libra ascendant, the eclipse falls in your ninth/third houses of communication, neighbors, immediate family members, travel, education and publishing as well as legal and medical matters.

If you are a Scorpio/Scorpio ascendant, the eclipse falls in your eighth/second house of change and transformation, sex, taxes, corporate money and other people’s money as well as earned income.

If you are a Sagittarius/Sagittarius ascendant, the eclipse falls in your seventh/first houses of marriage and partnership, as well as new beginnings, open enemies and courts. You will be concerned with your role and interaction in partnerships, both personal and professional.

If you are a Capricorn/Capricorn ascendant, the eclipse falls in your sixth/twelfth houses, and you will be dealing with issues connected to work/health/diet and wellbeing and have the potential to visiting a Dr. or being involved with someone who is.

If you are an Aquarius/Aquarius ascendant, the eclipse falls in your 5th/11th houses of love affairs, friends, children and hopes and wishes.

If you are a Pisces/Pisces ascendant, the eclipse falls in your fourth/tenth houses of home, the personal foundation, career matters and priorities.

The eclipse falls on the Winter Solstice, just hour before we officially enter the winter season at 6;38 PM EST.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pluto-Mars-Mercury-Threats, Information and Volatility

Retrograde Mercury is to a fast start living up to its (bad) name, but it’s not all bad, and sometimes it can work in your favor, but don’t expect that. It is well known for sometimes connecting you with people and situations from your past. That isn’t all good either, there is usually a reason the past is the past. Occasionally, it will bring lost lovers back together, but I usually tell my clients retrograde Mercury is a bit like a wild card. Often it relates to events that seem to be ‘fated.’ Many times the retrograde planets work that way.

Over the next few days, events and situations will become tense and there will be a lot of volatile energy in the world, as Pluto, Mars and Mercury come together at 4 degrees on Tuesday.
Mercury’s retrograde this month is significant because at 4 degrees on Monday, it is only 1 degree away from Pluto. It will conjunct (line up at the same degree) with the ‘Lord of Hell’, as Pluto is sometimes known on DECEMBER 14-15. Mars also moves to 4 degrees in Capricorn Tuesday, thus we will see a Pluto-Mars-Mercury conjunction.

This energy will become intense and volatile, and you can look for events/situations to be revealed that have not been known to you before. This will apply in the area of business and relationships and in general create many bad moods. It also could involve vehicles, arguments, relationship situations being revealed or ending, pets and relatives.

On the world stage this will play out in the form of angry energy, debate, explosions and potentially catastrophic situations in the world and in business. I look for more negative financial news, and the potential for violence to erupt. On the positive end, this transit could be used for accomplishing a great deal of work and getting to the bottom of a situation.

Mercury goes direct on December 30, but don’t expect things to return to normal until around mid-January.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2010- Threats, Information Revealed, and Following the Money

The 12th month of the year begins as Venus, the planet of love, enters Scorpio. Love feelings and energy will intensify as Venus transits this sign, and it works best for Cancer (and other water sign), as it transits the Crab’s fifth house of love affairs. Venus is still in the ‘shadow period,’ of it’s retrograde and won’t resume full speed ahead until December 21.

December 2, Mercury enters Capricorn. Mercury rules our minds and communication, and it will enter it’s retrograde on December 10.

December 3-4 Mars squares Uranus at 26 degrees of Pisces-Sagittarius. This is transit of unexpected, explosive events, anger agitation and accidents that will affect you personally, and no doubt play out on the world stage. Mars sextiles Neptune the same days, giving things a more spiritual and humanitarian twist, had holds great potential for creativity.

December 5 brings a New Moon in Sagittarius and a theme of ‘wide open spaces.’ Sagittarius is the most freedom seeking of all signs and the sign of expansion. It rules the ninth house of philosophy, travel, publishing, medicine, and world views. http://lesliehale.blogspot.com/2010/11/november-2010-full-moon-in-taurus.html

December 6-7 Mercury conjuncts Pluto as it retrogrades back by one degree. Mercury-Pluto can be obsessive and compulsive in nature, and seeks to find answers. Don’t be surprised if your mind is occupied by a single thought or situation for 48 hours. Be careful of accidents, arguments, and look for information to be revealed that was previously unknown. On the world stage this will play out in the form of debate and argument, accidents, information relating to business and banking and no doubt the WIkileaks story will be in the media, along with the media itself. These will be major news days. http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=3824170277196793127&postID=6793290705562599605

December 7, the Sun sextiles Saturn, a good day for serious matters, discussions and taking care of responsibilities. You will have added energy to take care of business.

December 8, Venus sextiles Pluto, creating a more emotional, intense feeling where love and money are concerned.

Also on December 8, Mars enters Capricorn, the sign of business, banking, and ‘taking care of business.’ Attitudes will become more somber and conservative.

December 10, Mercury retrogrades at 5 degrees of Capricorn. http://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=3824170277196793127&postID=2639059018245670335
December 14, Mars conjuncts Pluto and retrograde Mercury at 4 degrees of Capricorn. This may well turn out to be one of the most significant days of the month. This is a day you need to be aware of yourself and your surroundings. The energy is volatile, potentially violent, accident prone, argumentative and you will see, and possibly experience the anger that will be present in the world. Be careful of driving, traveling, getting into arguments, accidents, and best keep a calm mind and let this energy pass. It is a powerful transit and the energy is not limited to one day, but rather a few days before and a few days after. Transits do not have to be exact for events to occur. If it is setting off a personal planet in your chart, you need to be especially careful. This will be a major news day. Pluto rules nuclear energy/the media/gangs/sex/powerful forces, and we are at risk globally of violence, threats of violence, disasters, earth shifts, rabid debate and argument, and news from Europe and domestically about the money markets and issues concerning the global economy. It opposes Venus and Jupiter in the US chart and is not a good omen.

December 18, the Sun sextiles Neptune, a day of high creativity for some, feelings of compassion for others and those less fortunate. Great for psychics. Also, the Sun squares Jupiter, a transit generally pleasant in nature, but lends itself to over-doing and over expansion in all things. (Potentially your waistline and your stories?)

December 21, the Winter Solstice and lunar eclipse at 29 degrees of Gemini. Celeste Teal is a well known author of eclipses, and calls this eclipse, “Intellectual Values.” She writes, “As Lord of the Eclipse, retrograde Mercury signifies youthful persons, the witty, the jokester or the thief. It emphasizes communication, travel and transit, literary and educational persons. May be the loss or death of a writer, professor, or illustrious person. Eclipse in last degree of sign: resolving old issues, foreign agreements, religious or educational matters. Fortunate for publications of mysticism. For the USA focus in financial sectors. Erratic pace of incoming information. Nerves high-strung. May be mechanical malfunctions. Imaginative movements in music and entertainment. This eclipse of emphasis for Afghanistan, Japan, North Korea, Palestine, Vatican City, Phoenix, Australia, Cuba, Israel, Manhattan, and NYC.”

December 22, Mercury squares Jupiter. This transit is generally pleasant but tends to overexpansion, over doing and over spending. Good times, but keep it in check!

December 26, the Sun conjuncts Pluto. This transit is prone to intensity, power struggles, threats, and feelings of ‘forced change.’ It opposes the Jupiter and Venus of the US, bringing news of money matters, potential news from abroad, and is not indicative to peace on Earth.

December 29-30 Mars Squares Saturn. (Mercury goes direct on December 30.) This is a transit of frustration, irritation, arguments and debates. Potential news of money and business problems.

Note-December is a frustrating month for many this year, and we will see many global events that affect our lives and business. In spite of it all, in difficult times we have the ability to focus on our own lives and families, pushing ahead to create harmony, peace and happiness. May this be your path, and may your month be filled with joy and happiness and good times for you and your family. Happy New Year! Leslie

“Life is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.”

Martin H. Fischer