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Monday, December 13, 2010

Pluto-Mars-Mercury-Threats, Information and Volatility

Retrograde Mercury is to a fast start living up to its (bad) name, but it’s not all bad, and sometimes it can work in your favor, but don’t expect that. It is well known for sometimes connecting you with people and situations from your past. That isn’t all good either, there is usually a reason the past is the past. Occasionally, it will bring lost lovers back together, but I usually tell my clients retrograde Mercury is a bit like a wild card. Often it relates to events that seem to be ‘fated.’ Many times the retrograde planets work that way.

Over the next few days, events and situations will become tense and there will be a lot of volatile energy in the world, as Pluto, Mars and Mercury come together at 4 degrees on Tuesday.
Mercury’s retrograde this month is significant because at 4 degrees on Monday, it is only 1 degree away from Pluto. It will conjunct (line up at the same degree) with the ‘Lord of Hell’, as Pluto is sometimes known on DECEMBER 14-15. Mars also moves to 4 degrees in Capricorn Tuesday, thus we will see a Pluto-Mars-Mercury conjunction.

This energy will become intense and volatile, and you can look for events/situations to be revealed that have not been known to you before. This will apply in the area of business and relationships and in general create many bad moods. It also could involve vehicles, arguments, relationship situations being revealed or ending, pets and relatives.

On the world stage this will play out in the form of angry energy, debate, explosions and potentially catastrophic situations in the world and in business. I look for more negative financial news, and the potential for violence to erupt. On the positive end, this transit could be used for accomplishing a great deal of work and getting to the bottom of a situation.

Mercury goes direct on December 30, but don’t expect things to return to normal until around mid-January.

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