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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 2010- Intellectual Enlightenment and Empowerment

While December’s eclipse this year will be fraught with unexpected events and developments, if we look for the hidden message of this year’s final eclipse in Gemini, it is intellectual enlightenment and empowerment.

The 29th degree in predictive astrology relates to final endings with situations, scenarios, and sometimes even people. This is important because in our desire to move forward we must have endings before new beginnings occur. It is the epiphany we share collectively and individually as we bid circumstances, situations and those who no longer serve our highest good so long, and we look, in that final moment for the enlightenment to see our future. See the truth for whatever it is and let it set you free. In understanding we find peace. In knowledge we find power. And through enlightenment we attain empowerment for ourselves and society.

Eclipses point the way to our future and the eclipse will be played out in the world and on the world stage and in our individual lives in ways that are unique to each person. By knowing where the eclipse falls in our birth charts we can determine how it will affect us individually.

The energy of an eclipse can be a force that lasts for months even years. Several major transits will precede and influence the affects of the actual eclipse.

On Saturday, December 18, the Sun squares Uranus at 25 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces. Sun square Uranus is explosive energy, and creates events that fall under the ‘unexpected’ category. It is volatile and represents explosions, sudden violent incidents, airplanes, earthquakes, circumstances related to weather, and we should ‘expect the unexpected,’ with this transit. There will be a lot of angry and explosive energy in the world that can trickle down into your personal life.

On December 19-20, the Sun conjuncts Mercury (retrograde). Look for travel related incidents, accidents, and the Sun will increase the potential for Mercury, the planet of communication, making this transit ripe for argument, debate and mental irritation.

On December 20-22 Mercury squares Uranus. Look for unexpected news in your personal life and on the news channels. Extreme caution is needed while traveling or driving a car. This is another transit relating to debates, arguments and fights. With Mercury in retrograde we may hear previously unknown facts and communications. Unexpected weather conditions can dominate matters, and it is an explosive, unpredictable time. Uranus rules rebellions, explosions, airplanes and electricity, as well as the internet and all electronic communication. Think before you speak with this one.

The actual lunar eclipse occurs at 29 degrees of Gemini on December 21, at 3;13 AM. Events may be delayed as Mercury is retrograde, and hidden agendas can surface. This is the time to finish up old matters, not begin new projects or situations. Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house of communication, and represents communication, travel, immediate family members, neighbors and co-workers. It opposes the ninth house of education, travel, legal and medical situations and publishing, and to some extent it will be these areas upon which we will be focused as a collective.

At 29 degrees of Gemini, the eclipse opposes the Sun, and squares Uranus and Jupiter, as will Mercury. Jupiter conjuncts Uranus on December 22, and whatever Jupiter touches, it expands. Be careful of over expansion and situations that can become blown out of proportion. Jupiter also rules governments, and Uranus rules electronic media. When this transit (Jupiter-Uranus) occurred in May we saw massive flooding in the South, and Nashville, TN. With the eclipse and Mercury squaring the planet of the unexpected, this is what we should expect.-the unexpected. Uranus rules explosions, and explosive, unstable situations, and this will be the case in terms of the world and in our personal lives. We may experience problems with communication, electronic equipment and the weather. Air flights are at risk, and there will be unexpected news, sudden abrupt changes and changes of mind and heart. If your relationship is tottering on the edge, expect the possibility of sudden news and/or endings. The eclipse may bring volatility in financial markets and news of such.

In the US Chart the eclipse falls in the seventh house, representing partners/partnerships, (at home and abroad) courts and open enemies. It squares Neptune and is within 8 degrees of conjuncting Mars. This will create angry, frustrated and confused energy at home with the potential for unexpected events occurring abroad. Secret agendas may surface at this time.

In US President Obama’s chart the eclipse falls in his fifth house of children and love affairs and there may be a focus on friends and family. He may still suffer setbacks in work and unexpected news.

In Ireland’s chart the eclipse conjuncts Uranus in the tenth house of priorities, business and reputation. Mars square Jupiter relates to money at home and debate and argument over financial matters and expenditures. An eclipse conjunct Uranus is disruptive, explosive and restless in nature. Uranus is the planet of rebellions, total and unexpected change, explosions, accidents and disasters, unexpected and unplanned for events. Saturn will square Mars over the next two months creating a volatile, angry and stressed populace, with a possibility of erupting violence and disruption in the country.

In North Korea’s chart At 29 degrees of Gemini the eclipse is within one degree of North Korea’s Uranus at 0 degrees of Cancer. Uranus rules explosions and explosive situations in the country that are unexpected and unpredictable. With Mars square Neptune situations will be unclear. Mars/Neptune relates to fanaticism of all types, gasses, and chemicals, weapons of mass destruction, bombs, death, lies and deception and lack of clarity.

In Afghanistan’s chart, the eclipse falls in the eighth house ruling death, taxes, other people’s money, hidden agendas and secrets, and opposes the moon representing the people and the emotional life of those living in the country. Mars conjuncts Jupiter on December 19th and Author-astrologer Celeste Teal writes, “Mars is action oriented- a real fighter, therefore this planet will initiate the most dynamic events related to an eclipse. Mars travels pretty rapidly, making a complete circle through the zodiac every two years, so it will frequently get to an eclipse degree very quickly to present a conflict and get things started. Mars may represent a bully or antagonist and its transit to an eclipse may bring one forth.”

In Julian Assange’s chart the eclipse falls in his 8th house of death, change and transformation, sex, other peoples’ money and secrets. It is conjunct Venus and squares Pluto bringing up issues relating to control/power and sex/money with information coming to light, and issues being exposed. Mars opposes is Sun signifying opposition from others and potential for personal danger. It is a pivotal few days that will affect the outcome of his future, and that of Wikileaks.

If you are in Aries/Aries ascendant, the eclipse falls in your third/ninth houses representing immediate family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, communication, legal and medical issues or issues relating to education, publishing, and travel.

If you are a Taurus/Taurus ascendant, the eclipse falls in your second/eighth houses of money and joint finances, partner’s money, corporate funds and taxes as well as sex and self image.

If you are a Gemini/Gemini ascendant, the eclipse falls in your first/seventh houses of self and partners/partnerships/courts and open enemies.

If you are a Cancer/Cancer ascendant, the eclipse falls in your twelfth/sixth houses of things secret and hidden, Dr.’s, hospitals and seclusion, or even jail.—a long shot! It opposes the house of work, health and diet, and these areas will receive focus as well.

If you are a Leo/Leo ascendant, the eclipse falls in your 11th/5th houses of corporations, friends, hopes and wishes. Love affairs, friends and children may figure into things as well.

If you are a Virgo/Virgo ascendant, the eclipse falls in your tenth/fourth house ruling priorities, business and reputation, the personal foundation and the home.

If you are a Libra/Libra ascendant, the eclipse falls in your ninth/third houses of communication, neighbors, immediate family members, travel, education and publishing as well as legal and medical matters.

If you are a Scorpio/Scorpio ascendant, the eclipse falls in your eighth/second house of change and transformation, sex, taxes, corporate money and other people’s money as well as earned income.

If you are a Sagittarius/Sagittarius ascendant, the eclipse falls in your seventh/first houses of marriage and partnership, as well as new beginnings, open enemies and courts. You will be concerned with your role and interaction in partnerships, both personal and professional.

If you are a Capricorn/Capricorn ascendant, the eclipse falls in your sixth/twelfth houses, and you will be dealing with issues connected to work/health/diet and wellbeing and have the potential to visiting a Dr. or being involved with someone who is.

If you are an Aquarius/Aquarius ascendant, the eclipse falls in your 5th/11th houses of love affairs, friends, children and hopes and wishes.

If you are a Pisces/Pisces ascendant, the eclipse falls in your fourth/tenth houses of home, the personal foundation, career matters and priorities.

The eclipse falls on the Winter Solstice, just hour before we officially enter the winter season at 6;38 PM EST.

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