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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Full Moon in Aries- Packing a Punch

Thursday’s (09-23-10) full moon at 0 degrees of Aries promises to be a humdinger. The 0 degree of Aries is significant and is considered a ‘world point,’ thus, events are at risk of occurring that will involve the world as a collective on some level. This full moon comes just house after the fall equinox, thus becoming the first full moon of the Fall.

Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, the ‘God of War.’ We are likely to see incidents around the US and the world involving fire, military/police action and general argumentiveness. This full moon squares Pluto which rules the ‘dark side’ of life and often a full moon square Pluto uncovers situations in the world and our personal lives that were previously hidden or unknown. It rules sex, secrets, oil, nuclear energy and all sorts of psychological issues, and a full moon square will bring these issues to the surface and often creates power struggles.

The planets have been in some complex patterns for a while now, and I hate to say nothing will be simple or serene about this moon in most cases. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and rules the individual and the ego. There will likely be many confrontations of an egotistical nature, and it is important to remember to not react from a place of pure ego.

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct (together) in Pisces at 28 degrees. Whatever Jupiter touches, it expands. The last time we had this configuration in late spring we saw massive flooding in Nashville, TN and other areas. Pisces rules the 12th house of secrets, hospitals, institutions, drugs, and of course water and it can rule the seamy side of life. On the positive end, a transit like this can represent great creative and spiritual inspiration for some, depending upon your bent. It does not go unnoticed at this time that Pakistan faces a grave humanitarian crisis due to massive flooding in spite of the lack of media coverage of the situation and international support to that country. It is a shame the world has not responded to Pakistan in their hour of need. Most of the individuals in that country are not Taliban members, but merely human beings whose lives are being washed away with the flood waters. Pisces can also relate to infectious disease and it not impossible that the crisis in that country will be further complicated over the next number of days with the spread of diseases due to lack of sanitation. Or, there could be incidents of disease in other areas.

Full moon energy can begin as much as 5-7 days before the full moon occurs and for the same length of time after. This full moon is further complicated by the fact we have some difficult transits in the preceding days.

On Saturday, September 25/26, the Sun squares Pluto. This is a transit fraught with power struggles, and when Pluto is involved anything not working may collapse totally at this time, whether it be machinery or personal situations. It is a transit of ultimate change, and there is a great deal of seething anger in the world that may become ignited. This is a transit that could trigger the Mars (war) energy of this full moon.

Thursday, September 30, the Sun conjuncts Saturn at 6 degrees of Libra. This is a depressing, tiring transit. There may be events relating to the Democratic-Republican parties and it squares the financial planets in the US creating the possibility of negative financial news.

Friday, October 1, Mercury opposes Jupiter. This can be a transit of optimism or over-optimism or over-promising. Situations may be blown out of proportion, but taking that into account it can be used constructively.

Sunday, October, 2 Mercury opposes Uranus This is a high energy mental transit, and ideas may flow. If that is the case write them down, as they will leave quickly and you may forget. It is conducive to accidents of all kind/weather related accidents, and could involve aircraft. We will likely hear news that is unexpected. Mental states may change quickly turning into anxiety or upset. Use the utmost caution if you are driving a vehicle.

Those most affected by this full moon will be the Cardinal Signs-Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer, especially if you are born within the first 5 days (5 degrees) of your sign.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mercury Retrograde-Not Over Yet!

Mercury, the planet of speech, communication, transportation and the mind is currently retrograde at 6 degrees of Virgo. Its retrogrades to 5 degrees on Saturday, September 11 before stationing (standing still) at that degree, and it does not start the process of moving forward again until September 16 when it moves back to 6 degrees. This is called the stationing period of a retrograde Mercury, and it is often, if not always the most likely time for the retrograde to play out it's mischief in your personal chart. So, it is during the stationing period, which lasts before and after the Winged God goes direct on Sunday, September 12 that you will see the final effects of this retrograde Mercury in Virgo play out in your life.

Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of health and work and these issues will play out on the world stage. Health issues can be diagnosed and it is a great time to start a health regime or visit a Dr. Virgo is an Earth Sign and can relate to issues pertaining to Planet Earth that will draw attention during this time, as well. Virgo has an analytical ability and we may be drawn into personal drama that requires this ability. We must remember to not over analyze a situation or pick it to death, but rather use our abilities wisely and remember the planet of communication will not be on a full steam ahead direct course until the latter part of the month. Mis-communication and broken machinery will be common.

Retrograde Mercury deals with the past and this often brings us in contact with people from our past. Decisions can be reversed on a variety of matters, but once a final decision is reached on a Mercury Direct in Virgo it is likely to remain final, and only be reached after lengthy consideration of many matters.

Hopefully, this has been a period of correcting matters in your life, reviewing decisions and redoing any number of things from corporate proposals to your closets. Health matters may have come up in one way or another. This is the highest and best use of a retrograde Mercury, but often, life interferes! Things break, situations occur and we are not able to reflect or rejuvenate as nature actually intends. To a degree, some of us live in an artificial society where our real needs can never be met. Nature cries out for order in our lives over chaos, and retrograde Mercury can actually help us find order by providing a time for us to reflect upon the state of our life.

The New Moon in Virgo on Wednesday September 8, fell close to retrograde Mercury and events of this new moon may be delayed. And if you are looking to start exercising and lose weight there will be no time this year like Mercury going direct to start achieving your goals.

So, hold onto your seat, it might be a bumpy ride for a few days, but the future will be full steam ahead!



Friday, September 3, 2010

Planet Earth Hangs in the Balance (And So Do Relationships)-Episode 2

As we start the month out with Hurricane Earl on the eastern Seaboard of the US, bearing down on North Carolina, and another oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, Mother Earth is telling us she did not get our attention with the BP Oil Spill. Once again, man made incidents as well as potential weather disasters are reminding us of our need to place Planet earth itself, as a high priority in our lives as nations and individuals in whatever ways we can. Unlike us, Mother Earth does not have such a short memory. The Sun conjuncts Mercury September 3 and 4, creating the energy for travel and weather related accidents and incidents. As Pluto transits through Capricorn over the next decade we will continue to face earth related situations. As a civilization we are at a precipice and will take care of the Earth and the waters that comprise most of the planet or face the consequences, and they will be dire.

Astrologically, September will bring transits that create further wake up calls on more than one front. There are powerful forces at work in the world that take place in several forms as a result of the recent Saturn-Pluto square that is now separating, but not gone. The energy of this major configuration will last for months to come, and we will be tested in the immediate future and both in the world and our personal lives. Saturn, Uranus and Pluto will come together again in May 2011 and continue throughout 2011 in varying degrees.

The stakes are high for the world, and thus far have involved issues concerning pollution of the oceans and massive death of wildlife and lack of clarity as to the extent of the damage done by BP Oil Company. Other spills involving less publicity have occurred as well, and we face Earth related catastrophes now with the hurricane season upon us.

There is growing desire among American’s to cut missions in the Middle East. Afghanistan has proven to be a difficult situation and leadership in that country has been proven corrupt. Massive leaks of the Afghanistan war dairies have been revealed and the head of the website releasing the leaks was threatened in child abuse scandals, which were mysteriously dropped with little fanfare. Of course I am speaking of the founder of Wiki leaks a website that acts as conduit where corruption can be revealed among governments, companies and entities on the internet. True information as to the dire situation in Afghanistan is available to anyone who can use a computer.

American aid in the Middle East hangs in the balance as well. Attempts at peace in the Middle East have come alive with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but this is another of many attempts that have been made. The terrorist group Hamas has promised attacks on Israel. The Middle East is a powder keg. Saturn-Pluto transits historically represent war, threats of war, unrest, upheaval and nuclear incidents .Additionally, threats of terrorism around the world by militant groups are numerous at this time.

Forces are at work between the legal, political, environmental, banking and financial entities the average person has no control over, other than making his/her voice heard through letters and phone calls.

The dollar continues to be at risk at home and abroad. The spring turnaround of the US economy is proving to be a house of smoke and mirrors and jobs have not been created and unemployment is still high and jobs are scarce. The world is in an economic chaos across the globe. Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain among other European countries are in crisis and have received bailouts.

Banks in the US have been given taxpayer bailouts’ and are laden with toxic assets in foreclosed real estate. While taxpayer money helped them out of the crisis they faced a year ago, credit is difficult to come by for many.

Power struggles continue to abound in almost every area of life. Corporations are still downsizing. Foreclosures are on every corner. Those house rich and cash poor Americans are often no longer homeowners. American’s and the world have paid a large price in the economic downturn.

The Democrats and Republicans in the US are in complete opposition to each other and the Tea Party has come into existence. Hate radio has never seen bigger audiences. Discontent is growing with President Obama’s leadership among Democrats and the newness of the administration has worn off and the problems that became apparent under former US President Bush have not been solved in 2 years.

Consumer debt and government debt has reached an all time high, and the government bailouts will have to be paid back.

To anyone who does not believe the much written about T-Square of July-August did not change our world, I say look at the facts.

During September, Saturn, the planet of reality, hardships and limitations is squaring the Jupiter and Venus (the 2 financial planets) of the US at 3 and 5 degrees of Cancer. Further issues will make themselves known the week of of September 8, as Jupiter crosses the planet that rules money and finance, the law, education and religion, creating hardships and limitations in those areas and concern with issues abroad are on the front burner. It is an aspect of limitation, privation, lawsuits and being limited and tested as a nation. The good news is the pressure will ease somewhat as Saturn separates from Jupiter starting on the 16 of September. But Saturn will again bring frustrations and limitations as it squares the Sun of the USA at 13 degrees mid-November. While Saturn will not be in contact with Jupiter (the main money planet) it will be squaring the Sun of the US which represents the nation as a collective bringing continued limitations and frustration. But as Jupiter returns to Pisces on September 10, it trines Pluto and eventually the USA’s Neptune in Virgo mid-November bringing some hope of job improvement. Any planetary help is good help. But, Pluto, the planet of ultimate change is in opposition to America’s Venus through November 0f 2010. In 2011 it opposes Jupiter creating further conflict and reform in finance.

The apparent upswing in the US economy this spring, (and I say apparent, as actual numbers not totally clear), was due to Uranus and Jupiter entering Aires together. Uranus/Jupiter in Aries is exuberant and Jupiter expands whatever it touches. The combination of the two planets is often reflective of money-expansion. Jupiter returns to Aries January 23, 2011 and Uranus enters Aries for 7 years March 13. But, the two will not meet up as closely as they did this year.

When Will The Economy Improve?

Jupiter enters Taurus on May 12, 2011, the planet ruled by Venus and the natural ruler of the second house of money. Jupiter increases what it touches and it will trine (a positive angle) the Venus and Jupiter of the US. (The money planets.) It is bound to result in more prosperity, but is only part of the picture in a complex world of transits that involve the US and the world for many years to come.

On a More Personal Level

On another important front, relationships, have suffered, changed, ended or started. Saturn is in the sign ruling relationships for the next two years and we will see many challenges to this intrigel part of life during these times.

When Saturn entered Libra late July/early August, early born Aries, Capricorns, Libras and Cancers suffered through traumas, breakups, separations and trials as well as other obstacles. But, relationships that are committed to sound principals did not necessarily end. Now, those born in Cardinal signs in the 5-15 degree range of their sun sign may well see challenges as well. Those in relationships most likely to end will be the ones that are troubled, vague and undefined.

As Saturn moves through Libra into 2012, Libras especially, will face challenges and the potential of great reward through hard work as Saturn leaves Libra in fall of 2012.

It will be a challenging time for those who make up the sign that rules relationships, as well as those with Libra ascendants.No matter what age you are Saturn transiting through the first house coincides with new beginnings and new starts in life. For the very young it may signify a time of embarking upon education or leaving a home. For those who are older it will mean major life change including the potential of new directions with new partners. Those most challenged by this transit of Saturn over the next 2 years will be Libra, Aires, Cancer and Capricorn.

Libras will form the solid foundation for a new life, but not without great exertion of energy. Nothing will come without hard work and planning, but the results in the end can prove worthwhile. Saturn calls for you to ‘do the work,’ in whatever endeavor you face. Aries will face relationship issues and challenges if Saturn is creating a hard angel to any personal planets. Cancers will build a new foundation/home and will be challenged by circumstances involving the home and the foundation as well as family issues. Capricorn will face challenges in the area of priorities, work and career, even changes.

As Mercury continues to retrograde in Virgo through the 12th we face challenges in the areas of health and work with previously unknown issues coming to the forefront. Breakups can occur- people from the past may return- retrograde Mercury is a wildcard, and known to reveal information. It is not a time to start new projects and confusion abounds in communication. Mercury goes direct at 5 degrees of Virgo on September 12, and this is often a critical juncture when decisions are made and further information revealed. Mercury will remain stationary retrograde until September 18 and will situations will not return to normal speed until about the third week of September.

We have a New Moon at 15 degrees of Virgo on Tuesday, September 8. Virgo rules health and work and we will be dealing with these issues individually and collectively at this time. Mercury retrograde in Virgo creates the possibility of becoming involved in arguments, debates and we may hear news of weather related situations, travel issues and issues with work, jobs, health issues and healthcare. Virgo also relates to the earth, itself and we will face issues concerning the planet and it will be a call to nature. People around you may become obsessive, picky and critical for a few hours or day. Venus trining Neptune may inspire creativity, news of the arts, artistic or spiritual inspiration and will help ease the intensity of the new moon together with retrograde Mercury in Virgo. There is no better time of the year than around September 12 to deal with health issues or start a new health/exercise regime and get into shape for the fall!

Other Dates to watch in September

On September 9, Jupiter re-enters Pisces, retrograde. Jupiter when retrograde does not increase situations as quickly as it does while direct. I have seen Jupiter show gain whether retrograde or direct, but retrograde planets are a wildcard, and Jupiter may not live up to its promises. It can magnify situations and actually show lack at times. Jupiter goes direct at 23 degrees of Pisces on November 17.

New Love

Venus enters Scorpio September 9 switching up love energy making our emotions more intense. If you are a Scorpio you should feel at your best this month. Mars enters Scorpio on September 15, changing our day to day energy and making events more intense. Mars changes signs roughly every 40 days and our week to week focus changes as Mars enters a different house in your chart. Mars and Venus are together in Scorpio from September 15-October 28. When Mars and Venus are together in your sign the chances of meeting someone special increases significantly. This combination is very potent for all Water and Earth Signs, but especially Cancer as the planets of love dance through their fifth house of love affairs (and children).

On September 18, Jupiter conjuncts Uranus for the next several weeks. Jupiter expands whatever it touches and Pisces rules water, gasses and oil. The last time this occurred earlier this year we saw massive flooding in Nashville, TN, and we were dealing with the oil spill in the Gulf.

The Autumn Equinox occurs September 22, marking the change from summer to fall seasons. On September 24 the Sun enters Libra, the official astrological change of season. Also on the 22-23, the Sun opposes Uranus. This transit is known to create sudden unexpected events and situations, and is explosive in nature. Separations may occur on this day. Expect the unexpected, and Uranus rules electricity aircraft and water as well as rebellions.

On September 23 we have a full moon at 0 degrees of Aries. The 0 degree of Aries is known as the world point, and can indicate issues that affect the world as a whole. This full moon is volatile, rash and impulsive, and comes on the heels of Sun-Uranus (see above). It is more than likely we will see unexpected, explosive events around the world. Count to three before making decisions and remember the energy is disruptive, and caution is called for in all areas. The financial markets in the US may be volatile. It is time for change!

On September 25-27 the Sun squares Pluto. Pluto rules nuclear energy among other things. This transit will provoke power struggles and anger both personally and on the world stage. We are at risk of an ‘incident’ occurring and personally it is time to step back and take a deep breath if you find yourself in the middle of a power struggle. Pluto rules the darker side of life and issues concerning sex. Laws will come into focus as well.

On September 30-October 1, the Sun conjuncts Saturn at 6-7 degrees of Libra. Sun-Saturn transits are heavy, depressing, restrictive and oppressive. They indicate disharmony and the potential for negative situations. Libra rules laws, partners and partnerships, religion, education, and foreign people as well as situations abroad. It I likely we will see events related to the above and it is not favorable for the US economy. It is favorable for constructive accomplishment and taking care of responsibilities.