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Friday, September 10, 2010

Mercury Retrograde-Not Over Yet!

Mercury, the planet of speech, communication, transportation and the mind is currently retrograde at 6 degrees of Virgo. Its retrogrades to 5 degrees on Saturday, September 11 before stationing (standing still) at that degree, and it does not start the process of moving forward again until September 16 when it moves back to 6 degrees. This is called the stationing period of a retrograde Mercury, and it is often, if not always the most likely time for the retrograde to play out it's mischief in your personal chart. So, it is during the stationing period, which lasts before and after the Winged God goes direct on Sunday, September 12 that you will see the final effects of this retrograde Mercury in Virgo play out in your life.

Virgo is the natural ruler of the sixth house of health and work and these issues will play out on the world stage. Health issues can be diagnosed and it is a great time to start a health regime or visit a Dr. Virgo is an Earth Sign and can relate to issues pertaining to Planet Earth that will draw attention during this time, as well. Virgo has an analytical ability and we may be drawn into personal drama that requires this ability. We must remember to not over analyze a situation or pick it to death, but rather use our abilities wisely and remember the planet of communication will not be on a full steam ahead direct course until the latter part of the month. Mis-communication and broken machinery will be common.

Retrograde Mercury deals with the past and this often brings us in contact with people from our past. Decisions can be reversed on a variety of matters, but once a final decision is reached on a Mercury Direct in Virgo it is likely to remain final, and only be reached after lengthy consideration of many matters.

Hopefully, this has been a period of correcting matters in your life, reviewing decisions and redoing any number of things from corporate proposals to your closets. Health matters may have come up in one way or another. This is the highest and best use of a retrograde Mercury, but often, life interferes! Things break, situations occur and we are not able to reflect or rejuvenate as nature actually intends. To a degree, some of us live in an artificial society where our real needs can never be met. Nature cries out for order in our lives over chaos, and retrograde Mercury can actually help us find order by providing a time for us to reflect upon the state of our life.

The New Moon in Virgo on Wednesday September 8, fell close to retrograde Mercury and events of this new moon may be delayed. And if you are looking to start exercising and lose weight there will be no time this year like Mercury going direct to start achieving your goals.

So, hold onto your seat, it might be a bumpy ride for a few days, but the future will be full steam ahead!



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