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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Uranus, Pluto and Neptune- Money, Terrorists and Religion

Religious and Political Ideologies Carried to Extremes and a Humanitarian Crisis of Epic Proportions

With every major transit comes the potential of the good and the bad. We can expect a particular reaction from certain planetary transits but within the power of that planetary energy comes the magic of our ability to become alchemists and transform the outcome of the transit to a more fortunate situation in the present or the future, opting to alter the potential the transit holds to our own and others highest good in time. You can count on the fact it will never be an easy or uncomplicated road.

Herein lies the question of potential future outcomes of Neptune in Pisces for the next 15 years, along with Uranus entering Aries again (as it once did in 1928, and before that 1844, and prior to that 1760-Uranus takes 84 years to go through the 12 signs).

Uranus square Pluto and the World Point

Uranus will Square-or form- a 90 degree angle to Pluto peaking June-August. The square is considered to be a planetary energy that lends itself toward explosive situations of an unpredictable nature (such as civil war sweeping the Middle East) which became obvious this winter-spring, bursting into our living rooms just hours before Uranus entered Aires at the degree known as the “World Point.” The World Point is where events take on an energy lending itself toward issues that concern the world and mankind as a whole. Civil war in the Middle East was followed by the earthquake in Japan and subsequent Tsunami that wrecked havoc and damaged nuclear reactors which dispersed radioactive substances into the ocean the results of which are still unknown.

The Most Confusing Planet

Uranus’s dramatic entrance into Aries was followed about a month later by Neptune entering Pisces, the natural ruler of the planet that rules water, oceans and religions of all types, along with drugs, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, pornography, human misery and degradation of all kinds, addictions, lies and absolute deception complete with all the smoke and mirrors, trickery and manipulation known to man. It also rules actors, the stage, fantasy, fog and Disney Land. On the other hand, Neptune in Pisces relates to compassion, faith, metaphysics, and universal love and understanding and inspiration, along with a oneness with the infinite most individuals eventually seek at some point. The problem is finding the balance, separating fact from fiction and discovering what is real, and what is manmade illusion and manipulation. This is our quest.

Put this all together in the real world and you have a scenario where advocates of certain religions or political ideologies can appeal to the masses through lies and deceit, twisting of facts to suit individuals who wish to be in control of others. Does anyone remember Tammy Faye and Jim Baker? Tammy herself was a Pisces, born March 7, 1972. This is neither a surprise nor coincidence. Osama Bin Laden was a Pisces-ruled by Neptune. A master manipulator capable of leading numerous men to their death based on a religious ideology as they flew American planes into the World Trade center killing thousands more. He had been wanted by the US government for years but no one really knew the depths of insanity his extreme religious and political obsessions and ideologies could go until it was too late.

US Congress itself, is subject to manipulation and attempted manipulation of American’s as politicians lose focus of what is important to America, focusing instead on individual religious and political/party ideologies that are not geared toward helping the middle class. Threatening to shut down the government over funding to Planned Parenthood, depriving women of cancer screenings and birth control, not what the majority elected politicians to do. Think of a ‘fun house,’ where images are twisted and contorted to look like something else and you have a clear picture of what Neptune in Pisces can create.

Neptune conjuncts Chiron

Add to this the fact that Neptune has been- and is within a few degrees of being conjunct Chiron-the asteroid known as the wounded healer- giving us an exaggerated view of just how wounded the world we live in actually is.

Religious Extremism (of many types)

The extreme Muslim sects that advocate violence toward those who do not follow their teachings have inspired a battle between Eastern and Western religious values and practices that began after the World Trade Center bombing, and Al Qaida is expected to appoint another leader in their fight and hatred against Western countries according to published reports. The Middle East is in flames as individuals (Uranus in Aries) in Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and other areas protest the cruel repression of dictators and seek to change their governments and way of life. In Syria and Libya, in particular, government forces fight back massacring hundreds of civilians and committing crimes against humanity as we watch it pay out on our TV screens in the West.

Ramifications over the death of Osama Bin Laden are yet unknown. Pakistan is calling the death ‘murder in cold blood,’ and there is controversy over President Obama’s decision not to release death pictures of the World’s Most wanted Terrorist. Today, (May 13, 2011) there are news reports that 80 people have been killed in Pakistan, in revenge for Osama Bin Laden’s death. 850 people are being reported dead in Syria, killed by government forces on Friday 13. Can it become any more apparent how wounded the world really is?

America Was Born on Religious-Political Ideologies

Then again, the original idea that became America was based on political-religious ideologies in the beginning. A land where all lived freely to worship and build as he (not she) chose. The freedom to worship, congregate, exchange ideas and information, and chose leaders based on the vote. (Men only. In 1870 the 15th amendment passed giving black men the vote, and women achieved the right to vote only in 1920)

Neptune takes 165 years to travel around the zodiac, staying in each sign for approximately 15 years. Neptune was in Pisces in the 1840-50’s and prior to that the 1680’s. What dreams the American colonists must have had for the future! Neptune in Pisces shaped some of those dreams, including those of religious freedom without repercussions. The concept of the separation of church and state is credited to English write/philosopher John Locke who lived 1631-1704 during the transit of Neptune in Pisces.

The US Natal Chart
The US chart itself has a Mars-Neptune square. This is a configuration found in those to whom religious ideas/philosophies can take on magnified importance. Neptune is the planet of illusion confusion, and delusion. Or, it can alternatively soar to the highest of highs reaching for the attainment of spiritual perfection. Part of America is stuck on the idea of a religious battle with Islam; then again, America is a country of great compassion as evidenced by the foreign aid it has provided those less fortunate. Astrologer Arthur Gianfermo writes, “the US chart has Mars at 21 degrees of Gemini with a 90 degree square to Neptune at 22 Virgo which leads to vulnerability in our collective consciousness. We are still stuck on the myth of the military hero-the John Wayne General riding into battles ready to nuke the ‘Native villains’.”

Looking for Meaning in the Darkness

It is within these murky borders that we must find meaning spiritually as well as practically. We must recognize smoke and mirrors, manipulation and religious/political ideologies that serve human masters and not the people at this time. While some astrologers believe Pisces in Neptune will usher in nirvana, it is more certain that if we learn to coexist and not kill one another we are reaching the highest potential of Neptune in Pisces. If not love, then peace and co existence.

During this 15 year sojourn we will be asked as a world to what degree we will all honor and respect one another and no longer tolerate abuse, repression, murder and lies that often dictate humanity. Is it any wonder civil war is sweeping the Middle East? Uranus in Aries could be an end of the the dictator, as he is known today-those individuals who have repressed and tortured populations for decades. The status quo powers that be (Pluto) will be challenged (Uranus) by the humans that live on the earth. The humans cry out for compassion (Neptune) and freedom (Uranus) and their desire to live in harmony (Neptune) as opposed to restriction and abuse (Pluto)

The US Chart-Spring-Summer

In the US Chart, the Uranus-Pluto square falls directly on Jupiter and Venus at 4 and 5 degrees of Capricorn. Venus and Jupiter are the financial planets and Jupiter represents religion as well as the government itself and there will be unexpected and unprecedented changes in these areas summer of 2011. We can also expect changes abroad as well as with US ‘partners.”

It is a contorted and twisted path we must walk in this world as the Big 3-Uranus, Pluto and Neptune- weave their magic and beg the question: How much compassion will we show ourselves and others? Destruction or Freedom? We choose. Think carefully.