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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 2010: Full Moon in Taurus

The energy of the full moon in Taurus will begin to build by mid-week as the Sun squares Neptune at 25 degrees of Scorpio Wed-Saturday, November 17-20, becoming exact Friday, November 19. When a transiting aspect becomes exact, the energy reaches a culmination or a peak, and after it crosses the exact degree, the energy is still prominent, but lessening in its effect as the two planets begin to separate from one another.

Sun square Neptune energy creates a tiring and somewhat debilitating effect, and fact becomes harder to discern from fiction. Often, situations as well as communication become muddled, or outright lies may emerge. It is certainly a time of low energy, frustration, and feeling hopeless or confused. Psychic abilities and creativity could be enhanced, and it could be a time of increased compassion for those less fortunate. Issues with water may become prominent and we will likely see weather related conditions in the news involving some form of H20.

By Thursday, Mars and Mercury are within 1 degree of being conjunct (together at the exact degree), and Saturday through Monday, November 20-22 the God of War (Mars) is standing next to the Messenger of the Gods (Mercury) at 16, 17 and 18 degrees of Sagittarius, respectively. If you have a personal planet in your birth chart being touched by this transit, it may be a frustrating and irritating few days with the potential for arguments and disagreements.

Mars-Mercury in Sagittarius will be a few days where things can be blown out of proportion, arguments and debates will abound and it is an accident prone combination that can relate to cars and travel. This transit is exact on the Full Moon creating potential for hostility as the moon reaches its peak.

The full moon will peak on November 21 at 29 degrees of Taurus at 12:29 PM EST. Taurus is the natural ruler of the second house of money and earned income, and it is in this area our focus will lie in a general sense. The full moon squares Neptune creating a climate of uncertainty, confusion, lack of clarity and on occasion, lies and deception. Believe only half of what you see or hear until this energy passes over. You may feel tired, lethargic, and unable to make clear decisions. Weather related conditions and situations as well as accidents will be in the news.

Alternatively, it can be a time of enhanced compassion for others, bursts of creativity, increased psychic experiences and feelings and being connected to the earth and sensual pleasures. Taurus is ruled by both Venus and Mars and now is the time to schedule a massage, visit the spa or do things you find pleasurable. These are the best and highest uses of the energy.

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