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Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 2010-The Fate of Relationships Revealed

The two planets most often looked at will both move forward on November 18, making it a bonanza day, in terms of planetary action! This year, both Venus, the ruler of your love life, and Jupiter, the planet of gain, money and finance go direct on the same day creating a powerful effect on our love lives, social lives and to some extent our financial lives.
Venus, the ruler of your day to day love life, has been retrograde since October 8. The Venus retrograde period, occurring every 18 months, is often filled with romantic twists and turns, separations, breakups and changes of heart and direction in matters of the heart. Often during this time, ‘karmic events,’ play out in relationships, showing you the true destiny of your connection with that important person in your life. Sometimes, the connection is not what we hoped for, but if a change occurs as this time that is not what you expected, know that the true path of your connection is being revealed to you now.

Retrograde Venus is probably the most important influence as far as your love life is concerned, as the actions that occur during this six week period or so lay the groundwork for future interaction, and often show us the person we are involved with will not live up to our expectations. At times, sudden and unpredictable events will occur that shake the foundation of the relationships to the core. It is best to let events play out and realize that destiny is at work. Destiny can take some unexpected twists and turns and if it appears your relationship is taking a tour South, let the events play out and let destiny lead you to another person who will be more appropriate in the future. Retrograde Venus is a time of karmic interplay and the planets have a powerful and profound effect at this time.

At no time is Venus more powerful than the period known as the ‘stationary direct,’ period that begins on November 18. Venus goes direct at 27 degrees of Libra, and if ‘the planet of love,’ is making a harsh aspect in your chart you may see a relationship go by the wayside, or through a period of turmoil and change. Alternatively, if Venus is making a positive aspect to a personal planet in your chart, your existing relationship may soar to a new level or you could meet someone very significant during this time. A stationary direct Venus aspecting your personal planets could be one of the most significant times of your life in terms of meeting someone new.

If you are seeing someone you meet during or around the time Venus went retrograde you will start to know the direction the relationship will take as Venus starts her direct motion next week. Relationships begun during a retrograde Venus often end when the planet goes direct. It is often said the love energy is not ever expressed very well in a relationship begun on a retrograde Venus. There could be an exception if you were born with a retrograde Venus, but the other party might not have been.

On the other hand, if your love life has stalled during this time, as Venus resumes direct motion things can start to pick up. A relationship that has a solid base should not be substantially affected, and bad ones may end during this period altogether.

While Venus official goes direct on November 18, she will not resume normal speed until she reaches the point she turned retrograde, which is 13 degrees of Scorpio on December 21. So, until then we will still be in the ‘shadow period,’ of Venus as she goes stationary direct and resumes normal speed of about a degree per day. Many of us will be retracing our steps. Until then, Venus will continue to weave her magic spells and lovers will react. May it be a positive experience for you!

Jupiter, the planet of money and gain goes direct on the same day as Venus, going us all a boost of positivity and hopefulness. Jupiter went retrograde on July 23, at 3 degrees of Aries. This action created delays in money and financial matters, and there hasn’t been much positive financial news to been had or seen. Jupiter going direct can increase the flow of money and other areas of gain in your life, especially if it is hitting a positive point in your chart at 23 degrees of Pisces. Jupiter will remain in Pisces until January 22, 2011, helping the Water and Air signs. On January 22, it enters Aires at 0 degrees for a four and a half month stay through the sign of the Ram, benefiting that sign as well as the Fire and Air signs, and those with personal planets being touched off by the 0 degree point of Aries.

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