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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The planet of delays, restriction and structure enters the sign ruling relationships and partnerships for a two year stay until October 7, 2012. Saturn is leaving Virgo, the sign ruling work, the earth, health and healthcare for 30 years. Those born under the Sun Sign Virgo can breathe easier as Saturn leaves their first house, easing up the restrictions and responsibilities as it transits into Libra. Now Virgo’s will be able to see the results of all their labor over the past two and a half years.

For the next two years Libra’s can expect more responsibility, and to work harder to achieve what they want, but the possibilities for great achievement are there. If you are 40 plus and Saturn is entering Libra for the second time in your life, it will be a period of starting over in some way, utilizing the knowledge and experience you gained during Saturn’s first transit across your Sun. If you are a Libra and this is the first time Saturn has crossed your Sun prepare to buckle down and work hard for what you want in life.

Saturn first entered Libra this cycle October 30, 2009 for a five month stay until April 7, 2010, at which time it retrograded back into Virgo. Now, it will remain in Libra until fall of 2012.

Saturn was last in Libra September of 1980-August of 1983, and 30 years earlier November 1950-August of 1953. In some respects history repeats itself and we can reflect upon the past to understand the present. Of course, nothing will ever be exactly the same, but if you are old enough to remember Saturn’s last transit through Libra you can forecast the areas of your life that Saturn will bring discipline, structure, and responsibility to.

Saturn entering Libra will change our focus individually and on the world stage. The ‘taskmaster’s’ two year sojourn through the sign of partnerships, relationships, marriage and the law will bring shifts in power among countries, and laws, as well as shifts in power and structure in relationships. Gay marriage was recently made legal in Argentina and it will become a focus again in America, and other nations. Marriage and laws will change; power in the world will shift.

If you are currently in a relationship Saturn in Libra will bring structure to that relationship or it will test it. Libra is the sign ruling marriages, and for some, marriages will occur, and for other’s stressful situations will end during this period. Those who will be tested the most will be born under the Sun Signs of Cancer, Libra, Aries and Capricorn.

As Saturn enters Libra; it opposes Uranus, currently at 0 degrees of Aries, and will be squared by Pluto at 3-2 degrees of Capricorn. This is the fifth and final opposition over 18 months between the planet of delays, structure and obstacles opposing the planet of rebellion and unlimited freedom. Uranus at 0 degrees of Aries is considered the world point and events that occur at this time will affect the entire planet. Add Pluto to the mix and we are experiencing a grand square, sometimes called a cosmic cross or T-Square. Jupiter comes into play as well as it also squares Pluto, ‘The God of the Underworld.” In other words, four powerful planets are all in the mix creating stressful angles to each other. The end result will be change in the world and change in our lives. This is the most important configuration of the year and will be occurring through mid-August. The most stressful period will be the last few days of July going into the first 20 days of August. New York astrologer-Author Mitch Lewis writes, “The Saturn - Uranus opposition has much to do with power struggles, the reversal of power and the redistribution of wealth. The last time Saturn opposes Uranus was 1965 – 7. It resulted in a huge escalation in the Vietnam War; the entitlement programs; and the end of the Johnson presidency. The transit took so much out of him that he simply could not run again.

It took until 1982, almost 16 years, to make more than a marginal new high and begin a new bull market. And that period was a cupcake compared to what we are facing now. No matter what the next decade holds for us, we as individuals and as a collective must find ways to enjoy life and to redefine our needs.

Jupiter retrogrades on July 23rd, and then squares Pluto the next day. Historically, when Jupiter retrogrades it represents a top for the stock market about 80% of the time. With the square to Pluto following immediately after I must assume this will be a very bad week for the markets. The stocks represent our collective wealth as much as anything can. Pluto rules all things held jointly, especially financial matters. When Pluto squares Saturn, the stock markets go down. When Pluto squares Jupiter, they can go in either direction, but usually exacerbating the prevailing one. In other words, if the markets have been going up they will go up faster. If they have been going down… well, you get the point.

When Jupiter opposes Saturn as it will August 16th 2010, historically the markets also go down. There are very few bullish signals, although a good trader could cherry-pick and find some strong investments opportunities.

Any of the major issues we have been watching, including the Gulf, the financial markets, the governmental infighting, to name a few, could be blown out of proportion now with the combination of transits. Remember, Jupiter does not always bring you good things. Usually it brings you more – of anything. For example:

All of the major issues we have been discussing are precariously perched on the side of an historic precipice. Our financial markets, the Gulf catastrophe, the recent insane Supreme Court decisions on election finances, gun control, etc. are all leading up to an internal power struggle the likes of which this country has only seen a few times. As we approach the changes that will be necessary to truly enter the Aquarian Age, the collective works in unconscious ways to further that event, including breaking down any situations, businesses or governments that are preventing that transition. We will see the reversal of power in a number of situations throughout the world, as we did in 1965-7, the last time Saturn opposes Uranus. This will set off a number of nation’s charts as well as that of some national leaders. Mr. Obama has Venus at one and a half degrees Cancer. This won’t pass without affecting his life severely.

Pluto rules oil, as I have proven through the years in my lectures and predictions. With Pluto about to square Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars, I don’t think we are about to get any good news from the Gulf. The entire population of migrating birds in the Western Hemisphere, approximately one billion, stops in the Gulf of Mexico on their journey. ONE BILLION BIRDS. The government is paying farmers in the Gulf States to flood their fields north of the Gulf in the hopes that the birds will land there instead. One can pray, but do you think a species that has stopped in the same place for 25,000 years will suddenly make a detour because we put up a “Rest Area” sign somewhere else? Oh what schmucks these mortals be? “

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