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Sunday, August 1, 2010

This is a Must Read If You were born March 21-25 or April 19, 20-June 22-26, or July21,22-September 24-28, 0r October 21,22-December 22-26 or January 19, 20.

If you were born on any of the above dates, you are an early degree Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, or you are a very late degree Cardinal sign. This will also apply to you if you have a personal planet in any of the early degree Cardinal signs listed above.

You may be asking yourself, ‘What the heck is going on with my life?” What is happening is that you are being bombarded with the energy of three major outer planets, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto. Add Jupiter to the mix and over the next few days through Tuesday or Wednesday, Mars, the ‘God of War,’ and you pretty well have the answer. That’s a lot of planetary energy and you are going to see situations and events coming to a head in your life over the next couple of days, and through the middle of August.

You may be experiencing health or job issues, issues with men, power struggles, break-ups and other convoluted and complex life altering situations at this time. If it is any consolation, this is a once in a lifetime complex planetary pattern that won’t ever repeat itself again!

So, it is easier to understand when we break the situation down to the following-

Saturn and Uranus/Jupiter are opposing each other. This happens every 40 years (Saturn-Uranus) and creates a clash between the past and the present, often bringing disruptive situations to the forefront. There is a lot of stress out there for everybody right now, but if your birthdate is listed above, or you have a personal planet being effected, then the opposition is directly on your planet, or your Sun—that’s you. Situations will be coming to a conclusion so you may be shown you need to alter things or move on with your life. Some of these events seem to come without warning. It will change. First you have to wrap your head around the situation. If you don’t have the answers don’t force them. Time will bring answers and you are under a great deal of stress. By mid-month things should be coming into focus.

Next, Pluto, the planet of ultimate change is involved creating a square to the other two planets forming what is called a T-Square. A square represents struggles. This isn’t the first time Pluto has been telling you that something has to change. You have been dealing with ‘The God of the Underworld,’ since early 2008, if you think about it. Pluto creates power struggles, and brings transformation one way or another. You can resist the change, but sometimes change is out of your hands and beyond your control. If a situation is irrevocably broken let it go. Your ambition may be stirred up. Sometimes other people see that as a threat.

Jupiter, considered the financial planet and the bringer of luck is involved as well. Jupiter rules Dr.’s, lawyers, married men, younger men, foreign people, education and assorted other people and things. Sometimes it means you are dealing with one of the types mentioned. If you are an Aries, Jupiter may bring some ‘planetary luck or help. If you are one of the other signs, it may still bring luck or it may mean you or someone else in the situation wants some freedom. The problem is that it is opposing Saturn, the planet of restriction right now, and it has a retroactive, restrictive influence this month.

Add Mars to the mix for the next few days and we have situations coming to a head. No doubt, it’s a critical time, and the time is now. Mars, the God of war is lined up directly with Saturn, creating a repressive, angry, harsh energy. It opposes Uranus and Jupiter creating explosive, unexpected events and about mid week it will square Pluto, bringing up issues, and either resolutions, or conclusions to your personal situations.

By the end of the first week of August mars will be moving out of the picture and on August 8, Venus, the planet of love and money will enter the picture in Libra and follow the same path as Mars did the week before. During this week, I would look more for situations involving relationships or finances.

The good news is that by mid-month Uranus moves back into Pisces, lessening the harsh energy and by month’s end you should have a firmer grip on your own situation and where you are going. The potential is for positive change, even if you don’t see it right now. So, hang in there, this too shall pass, and if you have questions drop me a line!

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  1. I think it is effecting early Scorpios too :( It started July 31 and like a tornado...spinning,, Maharani