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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Planets of Love Enter the Sign of Relationships

Mars and Venus are the day to day rulers of your love life and when they make certain aspects in your chart this can indicate meeting someone, ‘special.’ Mars entered Libra, the sign of partnerships and relationships on July 30, and Venus enters Libra on August 8.

But, don’t expect these planets to work their magic right off the bat! As a matter of fact Mars, the ‘God of War,’ may stir things up in an existing relationship, create tension or just remind you of lack in the relationship area if you aren’t currently in one. Mars has conjuncted Saturn since July 30, and continues to do so today and this is harsh energy. August 4-7 Mars squares Pluto, making us obsessive, and bringing issues out in the open. Pluto is the ruler of things secret, hidden and can relate to issues about sex as well. This transit represents harsh, combative energy as well. On August 8-9 Venus opposes Uranus. Relationships make take some unexpected twists and turns. Some may end at this time. Anyone you meet may not be in the picture for the long term but it can be a day of fun and entertainment, if you don’t take things too seriously. On August 11-12 Venus squares Pluto and opposes Jupiter creating obsessive moods, jealousies, competitiveness and friction. It is a transit of over-indulgence that can occur on many levels. On the other hand, if the energy is used constructively and maturely issues can be resolved at this time.

On August 10 we have a new moon in Leo, ruler of the fifth house of love affairs putting even more focus on the affairs of the heart.

After the complex squares and oppositions of Mars and Venus are over, these two planets will work well for Gemini, as the planets of love will be dancing through their fifth house of love affairs together through September 8. This combination will encourage Libra and those with a Libra ascendant to become more social and increase their chances of meeting someone or ramping up an existing relationship. Others’ who will benefit from this combination are Aquarius, and Aries. Aquarians may meet someone on the internet or at a distance or through travel, and this is the perfect time for a trip or get-away. Leo will benefit from the Libra combination as well and may meet someone who lives close by, and communicate more with others. Air signs work well for Sagittarius who can increase their popularity and ability to make friends and will socialize more often. All of the above signs stand a greater chance of meeting someone significant, or just increasing their social contacts, but most of all Gemini and Libra.

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  1. Awesome post..Great..most of the thing happening in my life match the above Written predictions.