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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Dear Mr. President:

In looking over your chart, I can see the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto (and Jupiter) grand square is dead on Venus in your chart at 1 degree of Cancer. What an intense time you must be living!

There is no doubt this configuration is bringing changes in the areas that Venus rules-money and financial matters, women, children and friends. It must be creating quite a strain upon your own family. Venus is being squared by Saturn, a transit that often brings marked changes and separations and it is not a time of great popularity or success. For some time now, I can see your values have been changing due to Pluto opposing Venus, which relates to finance and values. You are being forced to define what it is you actually value the most, and it is not an easy transit. You have faced great opposition in everything you have proposed, perhaps even being misunderstood in some cases. Many unexpected situations have occurred, due to Uranus squaring Venus, and this pattern will continue much of August. It is not until later in the year you will start to absorb exactly what your shift in values has been as Pluto will start to move away from your Venus. But, its influence will be felt for some time to come. Mars has just conjuncted Saturn setting this whole configuration off. So, what have you been dealing with over the past few days?

BP says they have contained the well that has contaminated the Gulf, yesterday a gunman killed 9 innocent people in CT., proponents of immigration changes are trying to alter the 14th amendment of the Constitution, major flooding has occurred in Pakistan, a country the US has a relationship with, Israel launched air strikes over the weekend against the Gaza strip (an especially dangerous situation), an oh yes, unemployment at the highest rate in years, stagnant job growth and all of those foreclosures. Congress is at odds, and the two parties are not cooperating. Let’s not forget Wikileaks has posted the ‘official’ record of what has been happening in Afghanistan for the world to see, and yes, it is shocking. Yes, Mr. President you have your hands full and these are just a few of the things I can read about! By the way, most (many) astrologers believe the country mirrors the President’s chart, so it looks like we all have our hands full.

Not to spoil the party, but I’m quite sure there will be more surprising and disturbing incidents that occur over the next number of days. You are lucky that 3 of these 4 planets (Saturn-Uranus-Mars actually trine your Jupiter in Aquarius giving you some planetary help through this situation. But, this period of time will make a major impact on your life and decisions, no doubt.

Due to time constraints I am only mentioning the major transits you have to contend with, and the next one is Neptune opposing Uranus which becomes exact again in October. As it is retrograding, its influence is being felt even now. This transit will be in orb throughout the year. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion, or to become more blunt, often, lies and deception. It is opposing your 7th house of partners, meaning you need to be cautious in your dealings with others’ and the information they present to you. I believe this transit has been a problem throughout your Presidency. It is hard to know exactly what is going on with this configuration, and to an extent it is like operating in the dark. Under this transit, some people go their own way in the face of all reason for ideological purposes. It is easy to be confused and mislead, and an individual with this transit usually ends up disappointed in the people they are required to deal with. There is often a confusion of goals and objectives, and a lack of cooperation in obtaining them. Difficulties crop of in relation to joint finances (the taxpayer) insurance companies and corporate business. There is generally secret opposition and there can be friendships or acquaintances with people who are actually unstable or unreliable. It is easy to become lost in the dark, given incorrect information, or lead down the wrong path. It will require all of your effort to rise above these influences and stick to your goals.

The positive news is that if you can get through the year, your chart actually improves next year. Things may improve in the fall to some extent, as Saturn in Libra sextiles your Sun this fall and next year. That gives you determination and the potential for some success in meeting goals. Oh, and if you are elected to a second term, you will achieve far greater success the second time around. Your Astrologer, Leslie

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