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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Planet of Luck Enters Aries

January 22, Jupiter enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. The first house represents the self, the I AM, the individual ego, and is the beginning of a 12 year Jupiter cycle, as it spends roughly a year in each sign. Aries is a fire sign and we experienced Jupiter in this sign June 6-September 8, 2010 when it first entered the sign of the Ram. Thus Jupiter will be in Aries until June 5, 2011 when it enters Taurus.

Jupiter is the financial planet and the planet of luck, abundance and expansion. Whatever Jupiter touches, it increases. Aries is exuberant, moves quickly, and makes things happen. In some respects this will give us a jump start on the New Year, and it will represent a vast difference from the laid back energy of Pisces we have experienced over the past year.

Science and technology will make advances by leaps and bounds the first six months of the year, and there will be some new starts for business.

This will be a once every 12 year advantage for Aries and other fire signs. Jupiter was last in Aries February 14, 1999-June 28, and again October 24, 1999-Febuary 15, 2000.

The planet of gain and expansion will affect the Sun signs in the following manner:

Aries-New beginnings and relationships

Taurus-Luck with hospitals and institutions, the intuitive self-a time of self and spiritual healing, and issues that are secret and hidden

Gemini-Friends as well as cherished hopes and wishes-organizations

Cancer-Priorities and career

Leo-Education and medical matters, travel, general outlook on life

Virgo-Joint finances. Taxes, partner’s money, sex, regeneration, lawsuits

Libra-Relationships, Partnerships, courts

Scorpio-Work and health, pets

Sagittarius-Friends, children, love affairs

Capricorn-The home and foundation, new beginnings

Aquarius-Immediate family members and co-workers, trips the mind and communication in general

Pisces-Money and self image


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