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Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt, Uranus, and Revolution

The natal chart for modern day Egypt is set for June 18, 1953 at 11:30 pm, GMT, according to the Book of World Horoscopes/Nicholas Champion.

Modern Egypt has a 29 degree Aries ascendant. Thus, the January eclipse, at 13 degrees of Capricorn on January fourth fell within a few degrees of the top of Egypt’s natal chart (midheaven) opposing Uranus, the planet of revolution, and sudden, unexpected events in Egypt’s fourth house. (Considered beginnings or the end of a matter) The energy of an eclipse lasts long after the eclipse is over, and this was the harbinger of the revolution that is now underway. December 24, 2011 another eclipse will occur in Capricorn that will be significant to Egypt once again, along with their current President Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt’s Saturn Return

Uranus is square the Sun in Egypt’s natal chart at 27 degrees of Gemini. With Uranus you may expect the unexpected and Uranus is the planet of rebellion, and freedom. It is the consummate planet of revolution. Egypt’s population is weary and depressive over a lack of jobs and opportunity (Saturn square Mercury/ Neptune in the natal chart) Egypt is experiencing it’s natal Saturn return. Countries, like people have birth charts, and as the planets transit through the chart of any particular country/entity the energies the planets create are felt on a collective level. Saturn/Sun transits deal with the ego of an individual or a collective and often the individual/entity is forced to prove his ideas valid. Sun-Saturn transits often represent times of critical developments where situations from the outside create challenges that are not always expected. Saturn is also square Uranus, exact at 17 degrees.

The New Moon falls at 13 degrees of Aquarius on February 3. Again, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (and Saturn).
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was born May 4, 1928, and has held office since the assassination of President Anwar El-Sadat in October of 1981. He became Vice-President of Egypt in April of 1975.

Uranus is prominent in his chart, at 6 degrees of Aries, and Uranus rules revolutions. When he was appointed Vice-President by Anwar Sadat in 1975, Jupiter, the planet of expansion was conjunct Uranus in his natal chart. During summer of 1981, prior to assuming the Presidency, Saturn (as well as Jupiter and Pluto) was in Libra conjuncting Uranus, giving form to his role in the revolution.

Once again, Uranus is being activated in his chart, this time by Pluto. Transiting Pluto is creating a square involving Uranus (at 5 degrees of Aries)  This is a major planetary configuration, and the end result will be change.

Pluto/Uranus is indicative of issues beyond the individual ability to control, and Uranus rules revolutions.(square=difficulties/obstacles, change) Sun/Pluto deals with lifetime change, as well as ambition and Pluto/Mars relates to aggressiveness and the potential for physical violence, even death. Should Mubarak by some chance survive this current revolution, his time as President of Egypt is limited and it would be followed by one attempt after another to remove him from office. According to the BBC he has survived 6 assassination attempts.

Jupiter will ironically conjunct Uranus again in Mubarak’s chart on February 16-24, as it did in 1975 when he first stepped into the Presidential office as VP. However there is no guarantee of his ability to hold onto power, as Uranus represents the unexpected and unpredictable.

Pluto is also prominent in Mubarak’s  natal chart (career) at 15 degrees of Cancer. It is currently being squared by Saturn, and the January eclipse opposed it. (square=difficulties/obstacles, change)Uranus is opposing Neptune (in a parallel) denoting lack of clarity as to what road to take.

Uranus rules electronic technology and the internet. News reports state the Egyptian government is set to cut off all cell phone communication and the internet has already been shut down.

March 13 Uranus moves into Aries, and he will enter his Uranus return. Uranus is volatile and unpredictable and prone to change. At that time it will begin squaring Uranus in Egypt’s chart, also indicative of violence and explosive events and situations. It becomes exact in May, but is well within orb as soon as it moves into Aries. Planets do not have to be exact for events to occur.


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