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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The lanet of Communication Steps Back-Mercury Goes Retrograde

The planet of communication goes retrograde on March 30, 2010 at 24 degrees of Aries. It retrogrades in the natural first house of the zodiac representing the ego and the self. Aries ruler is Mars, the ‘God of War, and the planet of action,’ thus we will certainly be aware of it’s effects in this cardinal sign where energy and events happen quickly and Mercury in Aries will make it’s energy felt, especially in those born under the sign of the Ram, and other Cardinal signs: Cancer, Capricorn and Libra.

This is generally a thrice yearly occurrence that sends communication, travel and mail into the land of glitches and delays. During this three week period expect delays in projects, communication mishaps and glitches that can affect just about any area of your life. And expect anything that is broken (including relationships), machinery, cars and electronic equipment to go on the blink. Sometimes our mind even slows down and it can become difficult to think clearly, as it can affect our ability to process and disseminate information. This is all the realm of retrograde Mercury and it is generally best to prepare and be aware.

What to Avoid

Retrograde Mercury is the wrong time to start new projects, get married, or buy high ticket items as in the end, you may not be happy with your decision. I have tested this theory many times over, and if you start any of the above you do so at your own peril. The exception seems to be those who were born with retrograde Mercury, but many of the people you will deal with were not born with Mercury retrograde in their natal chart. It is a period of correction. This is part of the natural cycle of life and my advice is not to sweat the small stuff!

Best Use of retrograde Mercury Energy

A retrograde Mercury is, in fact a time for re-doing, re-thinking and re-working projects and issues. In a perfect world we would rest, rethink, and re-evaluate. Of course, the world is not perfect and we generally have to keep moving, but if you can view it as a period of re-doing and re-evaluating your life and situations as opposed to starting new projects you are using the energy in the best possible way. We become more reflective, thus thinking can become deeper.

Fated Events and Situations

Retrograde planets often coincide with events that seem fated: that is events or situations occur that seem to be thrust on us or out of our sphere of ability to control. Business deals and projects fall through, people break up or get back together and we have seem to have no power over what is happening. Issues that have not been previously resolved come back to haunt is. Retrograde Mercury relates to the past and sometimes we reconnect with those from our past.

Retrograde Mercury is a Cycle Not a Date

While Mercury officially goes retrograde March 30-April 23, it is actually a much longer cycle and events and energy will be altered at different levels during this cycle. The shadow period is when Mercurial energy actually starts to change and we become more retrospective. This period began March 17. The stationary retrograde period begin occurs March 28-April 1. Mercury reaches 23 degrees of Aries, at which point it ceases moving forward and prepares to retrograde back through the previous degrees, retracing it’s previous steps. The stationary retrograde period is usually when events and situations occur, letting us know the ‘communicator, and the trickster,’ is preparing to weave it’s magic and we are going into a period of altered mercurial energy that will play out for the next number of weeks. The stationary retrograde period will be especially significant if it is transiting a personal planet in your chart. Astrologer/Author Carol Rushman writes, “when Mercury stations in Aries or the First house, verbal assertion is assertive and occasionally combatant, because the mental energy is fast and aggressive in Aries. Decisions are made without due diligence and regretted at a later date. While new concepts are quickly grasped they can be easily abandoned.’

Mercury starts it’s three week retrograde backward April 2-17, going stationary direct at 12 degrees on April 22-April 24. The stationary direct period is important, and like the stationary retrograde period we become more aware of the potent energy of Mercury in the sign of the Ram, especially if it is hitting a significant point in your chart. It will not move forward at a normal rate until May 10 when it reaches the degree at which it retrograded, thus the cycle will in totality last until this date. This is the period to move ahead and start new projects.

Other important dates to be aware of are March 15 when Mercury first opposed Saturn at 15 degrees of Aries. It opposes Saturn again in it’s retrograde on April 15, and a third time on April 22-25 at 12 degrees of Aries-Libra. This is a negative, tiring transit, indicative of negative news and situations, and it is restrictive in nature. World events will play out and if you had a significant event occur on March 15, it is likely you will have related situations and events occur on the other two dates.

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