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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Moon in Libra-The Planet of Love steps Back!

The Planet of Love Steps Back

Thursday’s (October 7) New Moon at 14 degrees of Libra will ‘kick off,’ the Venus retrograde period this year. The focus will be on relationships and partnerships of all kinds during this time, bringing unresolved issues to the surface. Venus, the planet ruling love and affection goes retrograde every 18 months. It was last retrograde March 6-April 17 of 2009 in Aries and Pisces.

By Friday, October 8, the official start of the retrograde for Venus, many of us will face a ‘reality check,’ where our most intimate unions are concerned, as the planet of communication (Mercury) line up in a conjunction with Saturn, the taskmaster, always a transit of harsh realities.

The Shadow Period

Venus has however, been in its shadow retrograde period since September 5th, and this shadow period will actually extend until December 20. The shadow period is when Venus must retrace its steps, or degrees, to the degree at which it actually moves forward again, in this case 27 degrees of Libra. Thus, we may literally be ‘retracing our steps,’ as well.

Fated Events and Situations

Venus is the planet that rules our love lives, as well as beauty, art, artistic effort, diplomacy, values and it is one of the two financial planets. Venus is currently in Scorpio at 13 degrees and will officially retrograde October 8 through November 18. It isn’t just Mercury that retrogrades, the other planets retrograde as well. When Venus retrogrades issues concerning love and relationships become more intense and it often seems that fate intervenes and people sometimes find themselves in situations concerning love where events beyond their control take over-this is the fate or karma of the relationship and events are often revealed that will show the true path the couple will take in the future.

Venus retrogrades about every 18 months. The most important period is the stationary retrograde period when Venus is starting to retrograde at 13 degrees of Scorpio October 5-11, and the stationary direct period when it is about to move forward again at 27 degrees of Libra November 15-23.

On October 5-6, Venus is stationary retrograde as it lines up with Mars in Scorpio at 13 degrees, making these few days before and after a very powerful time emotionally.

When Venus retrogrades fate is often revealed. Relationships can slow down. Bad ones can end altogether. If your relationship is solid you may experience very little, and it can become an experience that strengthens the union, as you work through issues and concerns together.

This is a very powerful phase for those in love, in relationships or looking for love. It is a time or re-accessing and revaluating our relationships. Even if you and the object of your affection are on solid ground you could suddenly get cold feet. Sometimes people change partners. But, if your relationship is basically sound you will most likely be fine.

Venus is retrograde in Scorpio until November 8. Venus is at her detriment in that sign, making the cycle even more auspicious. While in Scorpio, feelings will be intense. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth house of joint monies and sex, and issues may arise within these areas. Scorpio is a fixed sign, so decisions that are reached at this time may be rigid and decisive. Scorpio energy can be intense, brooding, vindictive and jealous.

Venus retrogrades into Libra on November 9-18 when she goes stationary direct. Libra is the natural ruler of the seventh house of partnerships and marriage as well as courts and open enemies. During the time Venus is retrograde in Libra, she will be in a more fortunate period than Scorpio, as Libra is her own sign. Tendencies toward moodiness, vindictiveness and obsessiveness or jealousy will be reduced. While in Libra and more balance will be sought. Tastes and affections will become more refined and Libra is a strategizer.

During a Venus retrograde period the things that Venus influences will be less apparent and visual sensibilities can be reduced. This is not the time to buy jewelry, art, expensive clothing or decorations, give big parties, get married or have plastic surgery. Since Venus rules the courts, legal situations can slow down as can diplomatic efforts. Unresolved issues come forward and demand resolution. It may be more difficult to express ourselves socially. Venus is the lesser of the two money planets, and money will not flow as freely during this period.

Both Venus and the other financial planet, Jupiter, go direct on the same day this year, November 18. At this time we can start the process of resuming our normal social affairs and lives, and the flow of money will start to pick up as well. On December 1, 2010 Venus will move back into Scorpio for the next 38 days, a placement that works well for all the Water and Earth signs, but especially Cancer.

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